The Audi E-Tron Avant A6 is the latest car from the Audi motor company. Supercarblondie refers to it as the “future of luxury cars.”

Why? The car is extremely fast, silent, and comfortable and has some of the best unique features.

Audi A6 E-Tron front view
Audi A6 E-Tron front view

There are so many cool features the Audi company has installed in the A6 E-Tron.

The rear LED strip contains hundreds of three-dimensional triangles, which look awesome. 

The car projects turn signals onto the rear and front floors. There are still even more projectors on the inside.

The projectors in the Audi show an “Audi Welcome.” However, you can change that welcome message to anything of your choice.

Another outstanding feature of the car is the front lights. There are daytime running lights with a super intricate, super cool pattern. Under the daytime running lights, you’ll find the main headlights.

back of Audi A6 E-Tron
back of Audi A6 E-Tron

When you’ve parked, you can use the lights to project a video game onto the wall.

When it comes to performance, the Audi E-Tron is a cool cat. Firstly, it has a drag coefficient of 0.24, making it more aerodynamically efficient than some supercars today.

It has a range of 435 miles (700 km), and it only takes 10 minutes of charging to get to 50% of the charge.

The car’s electric powertrain delivers 470 horsepower, but rumour has it that the high-performance version of the E-Tron will produce 800 horsepower.

The car is still a concept, but the production version will keep many of these insane features, including those lights.

Production of the car will begin in 2024, and the expected price will be $70,000, that’s about 55,000,000 million today.

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