The way things are done now is quickly changing due to technology. The majority of metropolitan dwellers frequently have a taxicab application installed on their smartphones. Despite all of its benefits, there are some drawbacks as well.

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Ride-hailing apps are one of the most popular forms of transportation. It is like having a private ride in comfort without owning a cab, unlike the regular cab. The price is predetermined at an estimate that may rise. But, what you enjoy is a smooth, luxury ride that drops you off at your destination without any hassle. 

Some of these ride-hailing apps include Uber, Bolt, and Rida, for which drivers can easily go to their websites and register as drivers after fulfilling the prerequisite. This form of transport has benefits and drawbacks, and we are here to help you know them before you order your next ride. These are some things to ponder, especially if you decide on public transportation.

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Benefits Of Ride-Hauling Apps 

  1. Easy Acess 

The phone app has made it simple to access taxi services. You only need to make a request on your smartphone if you need to transfer from one location to another, and the car will arrive as quickly as possible.

More so, through the applications, you can also know the amount you will pay and the estimated time of arrival. All you need is your mobile phone and mobile number, which you would use to register on these apps. One important thing to note is that after you order a ride, most of these apps have features that allow you to pay in cash or link your card to the app so that the amount can be deducted after the ride has been completed; for easier payment, if you don’t have any of these options available, you may ask to do a bank transfer to the driver.

  1. Comfort

Compared to using standard public transportation, travelling from one location to another in a taxicab is undoubtedly more comfortable. You are the only person in the entire area. Additionally, most people feel at ease employing drivers thanks to their professionalism. One requirement for these vehicles is that the air conditioner must be in full working order, preventing sweating or dulling once you arrive at your location.

  1. Convenience

Taxi services are practical, especially if you have an urgent need to get to a specific location. Furthermore, they have no constraints compared to public transportation vehicles, so they can travel to any location in the city. Additionally, they avoid making pointless stops along the way, which helps them save time.

Cons of Ride-Hailing Apps 

  • Hiked prices

The prices are prone to change with time. Most of the time, the amount charged does not depend on the distance to be covered. Factors like the time of day and the traffic conditions are other variables that determine this.

This can be inconvenient at times, especially when one has not planned to pay more than the estimate. One thing you can do to combat this is that most of these apps have share features, which allow you to share rides with other people, or when you see the traffic to your destination is heavy, it is better to leave after some time. 

  • Insecurity cases

There have been isolated insecurity cases where some passengers have been robbed by persons who were supposed to be their drivers. This has made some customers fear using taxis and prefer other means of transport.

There have been isolated cases where some drivers have been reported to have sexually harassed their clients by touching them inappropriately or even attempting to rape them. Stealing is one of the most common insecurity issues with these ride-hailing apps. So ensure when you water these rides that all your belongings are under lock and key and with you at all times. 

  • Trip Cancellations

Although taxicab services are generally cheap, trip cancellations by drivers can be very inconvenient to the customers as they may disrupt urgent plans such as meetings or a flight. 

Not only that, some of these drivers pick rides and cancel them after you have been long awaiting for their arrival; some cancel trips because they don’t know the destination and don’t tell you. Ensure you communicate with the driver at all times; be kept informed if he is willing to come to the pickup address and your destination.  


It is evident that as much as digital taxi services have brought some major changes in the transport sector, there are still some loopholes that need to be closed for them to be close to perfect.

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