Most drivers often get paranoid about the thought of going for a long trip. The concern is always if a lengthy drive is healthy for their cars. If you are concerned about this too, we have the answers for you in this article.

Straight to the answer- Long drives are good for vehicles, provided your car is well maintained. Modern cars are built for durability and reliability, hence under normal conditions, there shouldn’t be any bothered if you are going for a long trip.

Why Long Drives Are Good For Your Car

Long drives are good for your car for a number of reasons. It helps preserve in good condition your battery, exhaust system, brakes and other underhood components of your car. Frequent short trips (of less than 10 minutes) can allow the buildup of moisture and carbon in the engine compartment of your vehicle. This happens because your vehicle might not get to its optimum functional temperature especially during cold seasons before you turn off the engine. Moisture buildup in the engine, rotors and exhaust system will lead to corrosion and therefore damage these mechanical parts of your vehicle.

Does A Car Need To Rest During Long Trips?

Well, this absolutely depends on the entire duration of your trip. If you realize that your car is overheating or the temperature gauge has gone beyond the normal gauge, it is wise to stop for a while. This often happens if you are driving under hot weather conditions.

Also, if your trip is very long, you will have to pull over for refuelling. This period of refuelling requires that you turn off your engine, and even stretch your legs if need be. This moment allows your car to cool off the heat and then you can continue your journey. 

Benefits Of Long Drives

Asides from the remarkable benefits of long drives for your car, long drives also hold great advantages for you as the driver. These includes: 

It clears your mind

Long drives give you a chance to be alone with your thoughts and yourself. This moment of solitude can help clear your mind of nagging or disturbing concerns. It helps relieve stress and work tensions.

It helps sharpen your driving skills

Long trips always involve hours of driving on the highway. Driving on the highway feels different from city driving. On the highway, you need to be conscious of speed, lane changes, turns, distance management etc, and you have to be precise in these things. You get a chance to explore and perfect your driving abilities on long drives.

It gives you the opportunity to explore a new environment

It feels good to leave the environment you have been used to exploring another, even if it’s for a couple of days. This provides you with new things to learn, fresh fun, meet new people, and perhaps explore a new cuisine. 

It affords you the luxury to spend time with people.

Long trips, especially if you go with friends and/or family is a great way to spend quality time with them. In the same, even if you are travelling alone, you definitely get time to mix up with people in the new environment you are going to. 

How To Prepare For A Long Trip

Long trips are exciting, however, your excitement can be short-lived if you don’t prepare adequately. Here are tips to help you prepare adequately:

  1. Check Or Change The Engine Oil
  2. Check Or Replace The Engine Air Filter
  3. Inspect Your Tires
  4. Check The Spark Plugs
  5. Check Or Change The Windshield Wipers
  6. Inspect The Lights
  7. Check The Jack And Spare Tire
  8. Flush The Radiator
  9. Fill All Fluids to the recommended guage
  10. Inspect The Shocks
  11. Check The Brakes
  12. Check The Belts And Hoses
  13. Inspect The Battery
  14. Check Your Key Fobs
  15. Check The Alternator
  16. Inspect The Fuel Tank
  17. Charge The Battery
  18. Inspect The Fuel Filter
  19. Check The Starter Motor
  20. Check The Timing Belt


Generally, a long drive is good for vehicles. However, you need to make sure your car is in good working condition before embarking on a long trip. Also, taking long trips demands that you are consistent with the routine maintenance required for your car. 

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