An Abandoned Car Turned Into A Lamborghini, This will Inspire you

An Abandoned Car Turned Into A Lamborghini, This will Inspire you
An Abandoned Car Turned Into A Lamborghini, This will Inspire you

A video on TikTok has detailed how a man found an abandoned car in a bush and converted it into a Lamborghini car worth millions. From the finished look of the car, you can hardly tell that it’s not an actual Lamborghini car built by the Lamborghini company.

Finished Look Of The Homemade Lamborghini
Finished Look Of The Homemade Lamborghini

While weeding in a bush next to his home, a man spotted an abandoned car. After determining that the car was unclaimed, the Chinese man took the car home after determining that there was no problem with the three major parts of the vehicle.

Before Picture Of The Abandoned Car
Before Picture Of The Abandoned Car

The intention was to refurbish the car into a supercar. The video details that the Chinese man only had a primary school diploma, yet he could spend only three hours evolving the design sketch of the Lamborghini LP610.

After the remodelling plan was complete, the next stage was removing all the coverings of the vehicle, which includes the interior of the car.

The Refurbishing Process Of The Abandoned Car
The Refurbishing Process Of The Abandoned Car

In the next stage, the guy marks the car with a pen and starts cutting the vehicle to be able to reproduce the body structure of the Lamborghini Mavericks 1:1

He cut off the shock absorber of the vehicle to reduce the body’s height, and the chassis components are also removed. It’s then divided into two cuts and then lengthened with four square steel tubes bought from five pieces.

As the chassis grew, the length of the exhaust pipe also had to be re-cut and welded, and the wheelbase was determined in front and rear.

For the problem of the middle extension, the guy directly brought the welded iron of the same thickness for thermal processing, followed by welding the body frame.

He uses a deformed steel bar with a diameter of 8 mm for welding. He didn’t look at the design drawing during the whole process, he made all of that using his intuition. After 28 hours of assembling and welding, the body frame of the Lamborghini became complete.


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After that, he wraps the entire body with tape and cardboard. Later on, the loess bricks were ground, stirred like sauce, and started applying it as paint on the car’s body. Seeing the video, you’ll immediately understand what the process of a handmade car looks like.

After outlining the car’s basic shape, the small fire begins to apply layer after layer of fibreglass on its surface. After three days of intensive processing and drying, the fibres coated on the surface were dried and formed.

He started breaking off all the cardboard and mud inside, and the burrs at the edges of the hulls also needed to be repaired. And for the pothole conditions on the surface, he filled it with cement mortar and waited till it dried again with a small fire. Subsequently, this was followed by the assembly of the other body parts of the car.

He continued this process of converting the car into a Lamborghini for three months. In the end, he manufactured a homemade Lamborghini.

One commenter wrote, “Bro is an ex Lamborghini engineer.”

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