A recent video that surfaced online shows how a Toyota Sienna and a Mercedes-Benz C300 struggle for the road in Warri, Delta State.

From the video, the Sienna is seen trying to take off while the Benz driver enters his lane, bashes the Sienna, and moves it out off the road. The driver in the Benz turns and hits the Toyota Sienna driver again before he takes off.

As the Benz driver takes off, some traffic wardens chase after him, but the driver overpowers them and speeds off.

Since the video appeared online, many social media users have dissected who was at fault between the Sienna and Benz driver. Many believe the Sienna driver was at fault, while some have reacted by saying the Benz driver was at fault.

Here are some social media reactions to the video:

@gentle_soul_gs_45 said: “Please tell me who’ll spend more on the car?”

@endy_manny wrote: “Not sure you drive, you can see the Siena car was at fault like what is he looking for when he can easily even drive pass the truck if he wants.”

@fadachase_ commented: “That Siena drive is at fault, the Benz driver was in he’s lane when that incident occurred. You can’t overtake or double cross a moving vehicle from that end.”

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