The Toyota brand is pulling the plug on the Camry in its primary market in Japan. What does the discontinuation of the Camry in Japan mean for this sedan?

For decades since the Japanese automaker introduced the Camry, it has been a best-selling sedan like the Corolla in countries across the Globe. Nigerian being one of them. However, Toyota is ending production of the Camry in Japan by the end of 2023 and has stopped taking orders there.

The brand only announced it’d be stopping production for its domestic market but hasn’t announced if this discontinuation will also occur in the United States. The brand said they’ll still be exporting the Camry to the international market, but what they are currently doing in Japan is only a glimpse of what will happen to the Camry even in the global market in a few years.

The Japanese-made vehicle is a popular sedan globally and has sold over 21 million units globally since its launch in 1983. This makes the Toyota Camry one of the top-selling cars across countries. Interestingly, the Camry’s popularity in other countries is different in Japan. It is not as popularly sold in the Japanese market.

Since it debuted in Japan in 1980, it has only sold 1.3 million units there. In 2022, less than 6,000 Camry cars were sold in Japan, a failure for the company.

SUVs & Trucks Are Taking Over In Japan 

One of the major reasons why the Camry suffers in the Japanese market is the increase in demand for SUVs and EV cars. Reports note that SUVs and trucks are outselling sedans in Japan, and auto manufacturers are quickly introducing their SUVs and trucks.

Even luxury British car brands understand that SUVs and trucks are taking over. In 2015, Bentley led the way for British automakers with their Bentayga SUV. In 2017, Lamborghini followed with the Urus (which has become the brand’s best-selling vehicle), and in 2019, Rolls-Royce followed with the Cullinan. Ferrari also got the memo, and the brand is introducing the Ferrari Purosangue in 2024.


The Camry still enjoys international sales, while its sales in Japan have declined. This is why Toyota is pulling the plug off the Camry in their domestic market. But, the rise of SUVs and trucks shows that in a few years, SUVs and trucks will equally take over internationally.

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