Affordable Mercedes-Benz Cars – Much the same as its motto: “The best or nothing”, Mercedes uncovers its constant undertaking to run the auto world with different items, for example, sedans, roadsters, rough terrain vehicles or enormous size trucks, and so on.  It is absolutely reasonable why some allude to Mercedes as the King of the car industry. These vehicles of Germany gloat superior on various kinds of landscapes and atmospheres, adaptability, and unquestionable solidness.

Affordable Mercedes-Benz Cars in Nigeria
Affordable Mercedes-Benz Cars in Nigeria

First introduced in 1926 under the name Daimler-Benz, Mercedes Benz is a division of German vehicle producer Daimler AG. The brand is really the blend of Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft and Benz Patent Motorwagen established by Karl Benz. It intends to create scopes of extravagance vehicles, from traveller vehicles, transports to Lorries. The settlement is currently situated in Stuttgart in Germany. It additionally demonstrates its driving situation in transportation designing through legitimate motorsport exercises like Formula One as both member and motor provider.

Mercedes offers a wide range of products for multi-purposes

Other than previously mentioned classes, Mercedes has likewise as of late added its line-up with other vehicle formats, for example, transports, vans, or hybrids. Some recently shown up names are R Class, GLA Class, CLA Class,AMG C63, and X-Class (extravagance get truck).

All Mercedes items are famous worldwide yet for the Nigerian market, they’re sure trims more preferred than others.

 Car typeSegment/Car body style Production years 
 Mercedes Benz SL Class Grand Tourers 1989 – 2001
 Mercedes Benz C Class Compact executive car 1993 – 2000
 Mercedes Benz E Class Executive car 1995 – Present
 Mercedes Benz S Class W140 Full-size luxury sedan/saloon, coupe & cabriolet 1998 – 2005/6
 Mercedes Benz S Class W220 Full-size luxury sedan/saloon, coupe & cabriolet 1998 – 2005/6
 Mercedes Benz A Class Subcompact luxury hatchback/sedan/saloon 1997 – Present
 Mercedes Benz M Class Mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle 1997 – 2015
 Mercedes Benz CLK Class Mid-size/ entry-level luxury coupes and convertibles 1998 – 2010
 Mercedes Benz A Class W168 Subcompact luxury hatchback 2000 – 2004
 Mercedes Benz A Class W169 Subcompact luxury hatchback 2004 – 2012
 Mercedes Benz B Class W245 Subcompact executive Tourers 2005 – 2011
 Mercedes Benz B Class W246 Subcompact executive Tourers 2011 – Present

Latest Mercedes Benz price list in Nigeria

In any case, when buying a used vehicle, you should give close consideration to varieties in cash conversion scale, custom leeway tax just as different issues related. These variables may cause costs to shift a piece while purchasing a privately utilized vehicle is less perplexing. You simply need to check cautiously vehicle condition, fuel mileage just as some comparable highlights prior to arriving at a pleasant cost with the merchant.

Prices of Brand new Mercedes Benz in Nigeria

 Models Price in Nigerian Naira
Brand new Benz E300 price₦28 million – ₦40 million
Brand new Benz C300 price₦24.9 million – ₦34 million
Brand new Benz C350 price₦20 million
Brand new Benz ML350 price₦18 million – ₦36 million
Brand new Benz E350 price₦30 million – ₦40 million
Brand new Benz G-Wagon price₦50 million – ₦100 million

Price of Tokunbo Mercedes Benz in Nigeria

 Model Price in Nigerian Naira
 Tokunbo Benz ML350 2005 price₦3 million – ₦4 million
 Tokunbo Benz ML350 2006 price ₦4 million – ₦6.5 million
Tokunbo Benz ML350 2008 price₦5 million – ₦7 million
 Tokunbo Benz ML350 2010 price₦6 million – ₦8.5 million

Prices of Foreign used Mercedes Benz C Class in Nigeria  

 Model Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Benz C300 2012 price₦6.5 million – ₦10 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK350 SUV 2012 price₦9.5 million – ₦11 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK 2005 price₦2.5 million – ₦3.8 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK 2012 price₦9 million – ₦12 million
 Tokunbo Benz CL Class 55 V8 2009 price₦9 million – ₦10 million
 Tokunbo Benz C300 2010 price₦4 million – ₦5 million
 Tokunbo Benz CLK 350 4MATIC 2011 price₦7 million – ₦9.5 million
 Tokunbo Benz C200 2005 price₦800,000 – ₦1million

 Nigeria used Mercedes Benz prices in Nigeria

 Nigerian used Benz G-Class 550 2003 price₦7 million – ₦12 million
Nigerian used Benz GLK 2010 price₦4.5 million – ₦7 million
 Nigerian used Benz GLK 350 4MATIC 2010 price₦5.5million – ₦9 million
 Nigerian used Benz C200 2005 price₦850,000 – ₦1.1 million
 Nigerian used Benz C280 2005 price ₦1 million – ₦2.2 million
Nigerian used Benz CLA-Class 2014 price ₦9 million – ₦13 million
 Nigerian used Benz CLS550 2007 price₦2.5 million – ₦4.2 million
Nigerian used Benz M Class 2.1 CDi 2008 price₦3 million – ₦5 million

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