OluwaBeeVee Music Career, Cars, Net worth and Biography

Bamidele ‘OluwaBeeVee’, Music Career, Cars, Net worth and Biography
Bamidele ‘OluwaBeeVee’, Music Career, Cars, Net worth and Biography

If there’s a common factor within the entertainment industry, it’s that building and rising within the industry requires grit, perseverance, and dedication. The beginning of an artist’s journey usually feels like a snail-paced movement. This slow pace further stretches if it’s an artist coming almost from nothing. 

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That is something the upcoming Nigerian artiste, Ayeleso Bamidele Victor popularly known as OluwaBeeVee understands, and that’s what has comprised the backstory of his music career. 

OluwaBeeVee’s Early Life

OluwaBeeVee’s Early Life
OluwaBeeVee’s Early Life

Although coming from almost nothing, one thing that he doesn’t lack is his intense affection for music, even as a child. Music and singing for him have been a long time coming. To further explore his artistic skills and abilities, Ayeleso Bamidele knew that being in Art class while in secondary school would give him another edge. 

Indeed, through his time in Art class and secondary school, he utilized it as an opportunity to delve further into his love and interest in music and singing. But, with the nature of Nigeria, it’s almost impossible to feed and earn a living pursuing art that’s predominantly in its seminal stage. The closest option often becomes to pursue another career to support oneself and art. 

For OluwaBeeVee, this meant furthering his education in Business Administration and working his way through earning a living. During this time of the hustle and bustle to gain a degree and earn a living, for Ayeleso, what suffered was his musical interest. 

OluwaBeeVee’s Early Music Career

OluwaBeeVee’s Early Music Career
OluwaBeeVee’s Early Music Career

Facing economic and career challenges, Ayeleso was at crossroads on how to continue finding ways to sustain himself. The hustle to live outweigh the quest to create art and music. Lack of support and encouragement led to a temporary decline in song-making in 2017. 

The life of an upcoming Nigerian artist is just like that of every other Nigerian trying to make ends meet. Other means of income became a necessary option to earn a living and support his art. This led to taking up several menial jobs, like working as a cleaner at Shoprite Ibadan for a long while. 

At some point, a transfer came in for him, which was to relocate him to Abuja. After years of juggling unsustainable jobs, this felt like a stable option and a leap. But sooner than he had imagined, the hope of a more stable work experience was abruptly cut short with his boss bypassing his promotion and replacing the post with his wife. 

What this meant for Ayeleso was to return to the street to pursue a daily livelihood, and retain the ability to feed and cater to himself; the option became heading back into the streets. But, this time, it was the Abuja streets to mingle and survive the day-to-day Nigerian life. 

Shortly after moving into the street, another opportunity fell on his lap when an acquaintance informed him of an opening at the construction site of the new Shoprite in Wuse Zone 5. As a natural-born hustler and one who has mastered the art of striving for daily livelihood, Ayeleso quickly bagged the opportunity to become a labourer at the site. 

One distinguishing factor of Ayeleso’s hustle experience is that he had mastered the art of doing various in-demand skills, and hairstyling quickly became one of them which helped him scale his income.

After some time in Abuja, the urge to continue his music career came and Lagos felt like the next step and an opportunity to widen his horizon while also returning to his interest in music. 

In Lagos, juggling the workload of being a hairstylist and doing other menial labour, things gradually started reshaping for the artist. While this wasn’t the major break he’d aspire to, it still counted as a massive win in his books. 

OluwaBeeVee’s Growing Musical Career

Today, having gone through several hurdles and the near-loss of his interest in music due to economic hardship, which impedes creativity, Ayeleso has defied the odds and is gradually finding his footing in the music industry. 

Apart from his recent trending song “Away,” featuring Lyta, the upcoming artist is up to many exciting things, like the newly released song, which features the popular musician Portable in Dubai and has its video under production. 

Aside from these songs, the artist also has a long list of unreleased and yet-to-be-released songs. For now, he’s working towards building a certain level of publicity, agency and a larger audience who’ll appreciate the song. 

OluwaBeeVee’s Cars

OluwaBeeVee’s Cars
OluwaBeeVee’s Cars

Like every other artist, Ayeleso Bamidele has the dream of owning his own car someday. But, with a career that’s still getting off the ground, owning a car will certainly come in the future. 

OluwaBeeVee’s Net Worth 

For an artist worth roughly 1 – 1.5 million Naira, OluwaBeeVee realizes that he still has a long way to walk in the music industry. 

OluwaBeeVee social media

The only way to be updated with OluwaBeeVee daily activities is to follow him across social media, his vibes alone are worth following, new music, next show follows him on Instagram @oluwabeevee1


For one who has gone through several life-altering ordeals, quitting music would have been a near option. Yet, he’s still here, striving and working relentlessly to get himself where he desires. And this speaks loud of his commitment to growing, finessing and spreading his art and creativity. 

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