Tesla is the world’s most popular electric vehicle brand. On the other hand, there are other companies that are making impressive efforts in the electric vehicle space, such as South Korea’s own brand Kia Corporation, EV6. The EV6 is a fast-selling EV that’s sleek and powerful, and it features a great range. But can it compete against Elon Musk’s Model Y?

The Kia EV6 starts at around $40,000 (28,0000,00), which is significantly less than the Model Y. With all-wheel drive, it costs $10,000 more. This makes it more capable and comparable to the Model Y.

How fast do they charge?

Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y
Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y

The EV6 is one of the fastest-charging electric cars on the market. According to Kia, it can boost its battery’s capacity from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes, That would take closer to 30 minutes for the Y. While other cars rely on third-party stations or home charging, Tesla drivers can plug into the Supercharger stations that are common and easy to operate.

How does the tech stack up?

Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y front view
Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y front view

The large touchscreen of the Model Y makes it a gadget that’s ideal for tech enthusiasts. Its various features include a variety of games and useful apps, such as a Sentry Mode that uses the car’s cameras to monitor the surroundings. The system also gets new features and software updates regularly. Although the other model, the Soul, has a similar display, it has more conventional controls.

It’s a toss-up. Both are great electric options that satisfy different desires and price points. I’d pick the Kia because it was fun to drive, charged super quickly, and offered almost as much range as the Tesla with more analog controls and a more accessible price point.

But if you prize a minimalist interior, tech features out the wazoo, and Supercharger convenience, go with the Model Y.

How the Kia EV6 Compares With the Tesla Model Y — Cars.com

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