Every driver wants to drive his car safely and comfortably. To make driving easier and more comfortable, there are various car gadgets. These are the most necessary devices, letting you drive a car as easy as playing at 22Bet and designed to help on the road and save a lot of trouble.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Even a novice driver knows that ordinary side mirrors do not give a full view of the space around the car. There remain areas inaccessible to the field of view, which are called blind spots. In this case, small extra mirrors, attached on top of the standard ones, can help expand the driver’s view. Such accessories are called blind spot mirrors.

Pressure Gauge

It is important to monitor the pressure in the tires because on the road due to underinflated wheels fuel consumption increases, vehicle handling reduces, and tires wear out faster. You can measure the pressure with a car pressure gauge. Data from the device will help the driver to quickly understand whether he should inflate the wheels or not.

You should inflate the tires to the values specified by the car manufacturer. Too much pressure also promises trouble.

Car Holder

You can use a tablet or phone as a worthy alternative to the GPS navigator. It must have a stable connection to the Internet and applications with maps. To use your device with comfort for such needs, you should buy a car holder. The mechanism is a movable mount, which fixes the mobile device in a comfortable position.

Universal car holders are suitable for different models of smartphones and tablets, as they easily adjust to the dimensions of most devices.

Power Adapter

This device is indispensable if your phone is about to run out of power on the road. The car power adapter is enough to connect to the cigarette lighter in your car to charge your smartphone or tablet.

Universal adapters have USB ports, which allows you to charge a large number of devices from different manufacturers.

Bluetooth Adapter

This tiny device helps establish a wireless connection between your smartphone and your car stereo, which doesn’t have this feature by default. The adapter connects to the audio jack of the boombox with a cable and to the smartphone with a Bluetooth wireless channel. As a result, the driver will be able to enjoy music downloaded to a mobile device through the car’s speakers.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

A car vacuum cleaner allows you to clean the interior of the car, get rid of dirt on the seats and other surfaces. It is usually a fairly compact gadget that helps to quickly remove small debris – hair, hair, dust, sand and grit. As the price increases, so do the power of the device, the number of nozzles and the list of features.

Start-charging Device

This device is indispensable in situations when suddenly there is not enough energy in the battery to start the car. Such trouble most often happens in winter due to the cold. In this case, the problem may occur far from populated areas and busy highways, and in such a case it will be difficult to get help.

GPS Beacon

This is a miniature autonomous gadget that periodically sends its current coordinates to the user’s computer or smartphone. In case your car was stolen, such a device will significantly increase the chance of a positive outcome when contacting the police. GPS-beacon should be well hidden in the car, then the intruders will not go unpunished.

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