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7 Reasons why You Should Avoid Buying Some Hyundai Model

When Hyundai commenced exporting motors, the exceptional became laughable. These days, Hyundais are simply as reliable as anything else; however, there are a few problems

Just like Japanese motors, Korean motors have additionally won a reputation within the marketplace. Some Korean motors have even been recognized as outperforming maximum European sports activities motors. In addition, Korean motors are also recognized for their cool performance. 

Hyundai is becoming the first choice for Nigerians trying to buy a ‘Sleek’ and Economical Car
Hyundai is becoming the first choice for Nigerians trying to buy a ‘Sleek’ and Economical Car

Among the most outstanding Korean automakers is Hyundai which is recognized for its sedans, SUVs, and its luxury vehicle brand, Genesis. What most humans don’t realise, however, is that positive 12 versions of Hyundai motors can also additionally include extreme problems. Just to give you a better idea, right here are some reasons to stay away from shopping for used Hyundai automobiles if you want Korean motors:

Seatbelt Links That May Detach Without Warning

Hyundai became privy to the problem in September 2016 after a purchaser informed the agency that the front passenger seat belt of a 2013 Sonata was indifferent following a frontal collision. The findings after the car inspection have been stated to be inconclusive. However, only some months later, Hyundai acquired another document with comparable claims.

According to the manufacturer’s notice, it’s entirely possible that there has been a problem at some stage in the assembly of the affected automobiles. These encompass the 2011–2014 fashions of the Sonata and the 2011–2015 fashions of the Sonata Hybrid.

Stop lamp switch failure

This trouble changed due to positive troubles within the car meeting. According to the disorder notice, it’s feasible that a few deformed stop lamp switches have been set up inside the affected automobiles. Moreover, there also are forestall lamp switches that could enjoy the sticking of the transfer plunger in the threaded hole shaft.

In addition, it changed into additionally located that switches within the affected Sonata models can also have been wrongly adjusted at some stage in the setup process. Aside from this, the switches set up in affected Veracruz fashions can also be set up with very tight clearance, interfering with the transfer meeting.

Parking Brake Lever That May Not Engage

According to a duplicate of the disorder and noncompliance notice, Hyundai has become privy to this problem after appearing a guarantee component evaluation of the changed parking brake lever assemblies amongst Korean marketplace motors after the agency located harm within the parking brake lever ratchet teeth.

When this element is damaged, it may not be possible to engage the parking brake. Even worse, it could additionally motivate the parking brake to be released after being engaged. This would possibly cause the automobile to roll away without warning. The affected motors encompass the 2005 Tucson.

ABS Module That May Short Circuit And Starts A Fire

In October 2017, Hyundai Motor America acquired a document concerning a 2007 Elantra that had the heater core stuck inside the engine compartment. The research located numerous fuses associated with the automobile’s ABS module that changed from closed to open. This indicated the opportunity for a quick circuit. The research additionally located different reviews of the engine compartment hearthplace in Elantra motors.

It was later located that the ABS module within the affected motors could continue to be energised even if the automobile was turned off. And if moisture enters the module, the electric circuit of the ABS can also additionally quick-circuit.

Fuel tank assembly that fails to close properly

The problem changed into a determination following a frontal barrier effect check performed through Transport Canada on an XG 350. During the check, a little gasoline spill occurred. Following the check, Hyundai evaluated the check car and located a few set-up valves that can also, without problems, permit gasoline to spill. And if this takes place close to an ignition source, there’s a danger that a fire could arise.

The affected models encompass the 2002 to 2003 versions of the Sonata, Elantra, XG 350, and Tiburon. This amounts to more than 260,000 automobiles.

Sudden Electronic Stability Control Malfunction

A malfunction within the sensor of the digital balance managed within the affected motors can additionally cause an unexpected application of the brakes on one or more of the automobile’s wheels. In addition, it’s also feasible for the engine energy to be decreased without warning, making the automobile dangerous to force and increasing the danger of a crash.

Hyundai first became privy to this problem after receiving reviews of intermittent activation of the electronic stability control machine in positive motors. The affected automobiles encompass the 2011 to 2012 models of the Elantra.

The unexpected loss of power steering

This trouble became determined in March 2015 while Hyundai commenced investigating guarantee claims associated with the steering column of the Sonata. It was later decided that there had been a problem within the production process, in particular during the manufacturing of the broadcast circuit board for the affected vehicle’s EPS Control Unit.

As the automobile is pushed over time, the circuit board should sustain damage and cause a failure of the automobile’s guidance system. When this takes place, extra attempts can be made to manage the car. Only the 2011 Sonata is stated to be suffering from this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The price of a 2007 Hyundai Elantra has been evaluated to cost N2,000,000.

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