Almost every short distance you drive through, you’ll find one possible checkpoint or another. Very often, there’s always one reason they’ll stop your car. Sometimes, people get away from checkpoint problems with bribes. Other times, some will spend thousands of Naira just to get their ceased cars.

No matter how problematic Nigerian police, Road Safety, LASTMA, or V.I.O can be, if you have your papers completed, you’ll always be free because they can hardly fault you. 

So, here are documents you always need to carry with you while driving in Nigeria.

  1. Driver’s License

One of the biggest ways to fall into the Nigerian Police or Road Safety trap is by not having a driver’s license. That’s the first thing they’ll ask you once they stop your car. Always carry your driver’s license with you everywhere you go. Most people leave a duplicate of the license in their cars. 

There are 3-year and 5-year driver’s licenses, and their prices differ. Do not rely on the price you see on their website. It’s always different when you visit their office. If you are still learning to drive, get a learner’s permit.

  1. Proof Of Ownership

Your proof of ownership is the document that shows it’s your car. If you are driving a car you don’t own, make sure you specify who owns the car. Do not lie about the owner because you’ll be arrested when they check the document that doesn’t match your name. Instead of lying, tell them the exact owner and why you’re driving the car.

  1. Third-Party Insurance Document

 Having an insurance document means you have a document that’ll help you cover damages when you have an issue on the road. Third-party car insurance is for anyone you accidentally hit on the road. Third-party car insurance in Nigeria is renewed every year, and the price depends on your car size and is not fixed.

  1. Road Worthiness Certificate

This certificate certifies that your car is safe on Nigerian roads. Before getting a roadworthiness certification, you’ll have to carry your car you the V.I.O office; they’ll run some fitness examinations on the car before issuing the certificate. The price ranges depending on the car, and it’s renewed every year.

  1. Vehicle License

Your vehicle license testifies that your car belongs in Nigeria. It means you’ve done the necessary things to certify it. The license is also renewed each year.

  1. Hackney Permit

This document is optional. It only applies to commercial vehicles. So, if you use your car for business-related purposes, you need a hackney permit. The price depends on the size of your vehicle. 

  1. Tinted Permit

Although the government has said there’s no need to have a tinted glass permit, Nigerian police still ask for the permit on the road. If you don’t want to spend time arguing with them on the road, just get your tinted glass permit and stay on the safe side.


These are the seven documents you should always have in your car. Sometimes you will escape the Police or Road Safety without them. But, every day is not the same. So, to avoid issues, always have a duplicate of the recent copies intact. You can go ahead and drive freely on Nigerian roads.

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