With the economic situation in Nigeria, if there is anything Nigerian car owners would want to do, it is to cut expenses on car parts and save money. But, the chances of saving money can be limited when you always have one thing or another to do.

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Many drivers and car owners experience this, especially when they are constantly buying car parts to repair the broken parts of the car. But did you know you can save money while buying car parts in Nigeria? 

In this article, we take you through six smart ways you can save money while buying your car parts. 

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6 Hacks To Save Money Buying Your Car Parts In Nigeria

Save Money When Buying Car Parts In Nigeria
Save Money When Buying Car Parts In Nigeria
  1. Conduct A Market Survey

Market surveys are necessary when shopping for a car part on a limited budget. You have set a particular target price and won’t want to go deep into your pocket for extra costs. 

If this is you, then a market survey is your best bet to find the best deals. Your market survey should be both online and offline. Visit car parts stores in your area, check out online parts stores, and compare prices. Chances are you’ll find one that’s cheaper or meets your budget. 

  1. Buy Tokunbo Car Parts

Many people are reluctant to purchase Tokunbo car parts because the speculation is that they’re not of excellent quality. But that’s not entirely true because you could find Tokunbo products stronger than new products. 

Tokunbo products are cheaper than new ones, and they are a good run for your money. There are several car parts stores like Carmart.ng where you can get Tokunbo car parts of excellent quality at an affordable price. 

  1. Check Out For Discount Sales 

You probably didn’t know you could get car parts at discounts. Discounts are an effective way to reduce costs. Scout for car parts stores selling at discounted rates. The majority of these stores are online stores. The interesting thing is that you can buy both new and Tokunbo products at a discount.

  1. Think Long Term

There are car parts that are extremely expensive that you could spend a considerable amount purchasing. The good thing about them is that they are usually of excellent quality. 

There are up and downsides to buying cheaper products. Sometimes they last, and other times, they don’t. So, when buying a car part, think of the long-term benefits. If you can afford the expensive car part, buy it at once. It’ll save you from any extra expenses in the future. 

  1. Ensure That You Know What You Need

Knowing what you need is an easy way to reduce expenses. When planning to buy a car part, make sure you take note of your car model and the particular part it needs. It’ll stop you from spending money on car parts that don’t fit your car. 

If you’re not sure what your car needs, seek the assistance of a car mechanic or read your car manual. 

  1. Buy Car Parts In Advance 

There’s every tendency that you’ll need to change a car part at some point. So, why not buy it earlier when it’s cheaper?

In Nigeria, car parts prices are not static, which means the prices can increase or decrease. Take advantage of the times when prices have decreased. This way, you’ll save on the extra cost when you need it.


Saving on car parts is a strategy every Nigerian car owner or driver must learn. With the increasing cost of products and living, these hacks will help you prioritize the best car parts deals and save money. 

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