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6 Ways On How To Navigate Through Traffic In Lagos

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Traffic congestion can be awful. It makes no difference if you are operating a fancy vehicle like the Range Rover or a more basic Toyota Camry. A typical Lagos State traffic jam might turn a 40-minute trip into a 4-hour ordeal. Residents who have to commute to work and return home every day find it quite frustrating.

Drivers can become ruthless and reckless in their haste to escape dangerous traffic congestion, which can result in crashes, road rage, and endless bouts of annoyance.

Some motorists become so irate that they simply leave their vehicles parked in the middle of the road and leave. Yes! As awful as that You might even be that person or fall asleep during a gridlock, which is a normal circumstance, but you should be aware that during traffic is when thieves learn to be more creative.

Protective driving

Driving slowly should not be done when there is a traffic bottleneck. Driving with the unexpected in mind is appropriate at this time. This can be someone cutting you off, a motorcycle driver cutting across the lanes quickly, or a danfo (commercial bus) driver attempting to pass you even though there is barely enough room for a car to do so. You should be ready for a lot of driver craziness during periods of heavy traffic since it drives people to do whatever it takes to get where they’re going on time.

Defensive driving, however, will enable you to better handle any challenges that other motorists and other road users may present, ensuring that you are never caught off guard.

Watch for Gaps

In order to get ahead in congested traffic, you must be alert for gaps. This does not entail attempting to block others’ paths or shoving them aside. It basically means that you must accept the reality that if you must be home on time, you cannot even have the slightest bit of delay while there is a gap in traffic.

Keep a tight eye on other vehicles and pay attention to your mirrors. Do this so that you can indicate and then securely pull in when a space opens up.

Be considerate of other motorists and other road users so that they will be considerate of you in return. Some may even willingly give you space.

Takeaway Distractions

Except when you are intentionally trying to avoid your destination, a traffic jam is not the time to entertain distractions. If you want to arrive home on time, you must help mitigate the effects of traffic by moving while others are doing the same.

No matter how slowly the traffic may be moving, avoid distractions by not checking your Facebook and Twitter feeds. The time is not now. Maintain the flow of traffic by travelling slowly, just like everyone else on the road

Maintain a safe distance

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is the age of social isolation, yet it has always been recommended for drivers to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles when there is a traffic jam. This will assist you in preventing collisions caused by abrupt stops, unintentional gas pedal pressure, or brief distractions.

The distance between you and the vehicle in front of you should be at least three seconds.

Resist tailgaters at all costs

Even when there is no room ahead, individuals following you will put pressure on you to move more quickly. Don’t freak out when they pass you so close behind you that it appears they will hit you. When it is convenient, relocate and avoid becoming

Be ready ahead of time

There are some places where traffic bottlenecks are an everyday occurrence. It helps to plan your move in advance for these types of roads, communities, and areas to avoid traffic.

If you can, leave your house or place of business early to avoid unforeseen delays. This would significantly contribute to lowering your stress levels.

Traffic laws In Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria has a number of traffic laws that are designed to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, as well as to reduce congestion on the roads. Some of the key traffic laws in Lagos include:

  1. Speed limits: Speed limits are enforced on Lagos roads, and drivers are expected to obey posted speed limit signs.
  2. Seat belts: Drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts while in a moving vehicle.
  3. Helmets: Motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets while riding on public roads.
  4. Right of way: Vehicles on the right have the right of way at intersections unless otherwise indicated by traffic signals or signs.
  5. Traffic signals: Drivers are required to obey traffic signals, including red lights and stop signs.
  6. Cell phone use: Using a cell phone while driving is prohibited unless the phone is being used with a hands-free device.
  7. License and registration: Drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license and registration for their vehicle.
  8. Drunk driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited and can result in arrest, fines and other penalties
  9. One way: One-way road traffic is enforced in certain areas of the city
  10. Lane driving: Lane driving is enforced on the roads, and drivers are expected to stay within the boundaries of their lanes.

It’s important to note that these traffic laws are subject to change, and the specific laws in effect may be different in different parts of Lagos. It’s always a good idea to consult with local authorities and be familiar with the laws specific to the area you are driving.


Even before you step foot on the road or start your car, you may better plan your route by using online mapping services like Google Maps. These apps and tools provide you with real-time traffic information, street maps, 360-degree interactive panorama views of streets, satellite images, aerial photography, and route planning for travel by foot, vehicle, bicycle, aeroplane, or public transportation.

Due in large part to how effective these technologies have become at navigating traffic in congested areas like Lagos, car owners now frequently use them.

Here are some useful suggestions to assist you with navigating traffic.

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