When purchasing a used automobile, the price difference between the least expensive and most expensive models is typically substantial, regardless of the car model you are interested in. You could wish to select the most reasonable bargain and save the remainder of your cash for a wonderful treat. Well, even individuals who offer their vehicles for incredibly low prices have a reason for selling. That is why you should note some pertinent facts: you will not be scammed or left with a badly disposed car.

For instance, if an individual wish to sell his luxury car for the same price as a used affordable car, you should not buy it.  Or even if you wish to, you must be suspicious and make sure you have your mechanic do a thorough inspection. Many people lose foresight when it comes to buying relatively expensive cars at cheap prices. Used cars cannot be perfect, but they should not be also so problematic, that you would be taking them to the repair shop almost every week. Most of the time, sellers tend to hide the bad state of the cars they want to sell. That is why, as a buyer, it is a must that you test the car, no matter how low the price appeals to you. Not only should you test drive the car, but you must also allow a mechanic to inspect it for further clarification. 

We’ll outline a few key points you should look out for when purchasing a cheap used car.

Hidden Harms

This is definitely the most frequent justification for selling an automobile. Typically, it indicates that the expense of repairs will rise to the point where you’d be better off selecting a different vehicle. You must avoid this. In this case, the seller would not divulge such hidden defects to you, but only until the car is bought and you begin driving, then you would notice it. By this time, it is too late. Hidden defects are not so noticeable, even if you take the car for a test drive. All might seem well with the car. Mechanical inspection and vehicle history must be available before you even think of buying it  

Defective Engine

The typical scenario is as follows: a car owner discovers that a seemingly innocuous engine ticking noise is actually a serious problem, leaving him with two options: expensive repairs or selling the vehicle.  These issues are frequently simple to identify because the engine is underperforming, producing strange noises, or has a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust. Sellers are therefore only waiting for that one person who isn’t sufficiently knowledgeable about autos to point out the issue.

Don’t inspect second-hand vehicles on your own; instead, bring them to a nearby mechanic for a checkup. When someone offers an unbiased viewpoint, it makes it much simpler to make sensible choices.

Safety Hazard

Each new car is given a safety rating of up to 5 stars after passing a number of tests to ensure its safety. If the airbags don’t deploy after an accident and the automobile has been in one, the rating quickly decreases. Most used cars’ safety features will not remain the same after some time of use, leaving them with faulty airbags and suspension, or, in the case of older models, no driver assistance will be found at times.

The body shell of the car may be distorted if it has previously been damaged, which weakens it. Additionally, some sellers may install tiny resistors in place of blown airbags, which results in an inoperable airbag system that is undetectable. While you, as a buyer, will unknowingly buy the car, and even if it is taken to the mechanic, the fault will still remain, and it may be catastrophic if an accident should occur.


One of the most effective ancient car destroyers is rust. Steel fenders, doors, and panels corrode as soon as they come into contact with oxygen and water. If action is taken as soon as the first signs of corrosion are noticed, it can be fairly readily remedied. Many automobile owners choose to ignore the issue, though, and as a result, the car’s body panels and structure develop enormous, practically irreparable holes. This is highly noticeable and can be easily fixed, but would you want to have another extra expense coupled with buying the car?

Important Systems Don’t Function

Make sure to ensure that everything is functioning when you go to inspect a second-hand car that seems unusually cheap. Let’s say the car you’re interested in is significantly less expensive than others, and everything appears to be in order — there are no signs of corrosion, the engine runs like new, and the interior is spotless. But if it’s an SUV, did you test the all-wheel-drive system? Are you certain that all electronic components are operating properly? You won’t only get the lowest price because the vendor is giving you his car.

High Mileage and  Poor Vehicle History

Let’s move on to the issues with the vehicle’s history and mileage that cannot be remedied. You must find out the vehicle’s history, especially if the car has been in an accident, if it has insurance, or if it has been stolen. If the seller refuses to divulge all this information, you should be suspicious and not buy the car. Checking the vehicle’s historical record is worthwhile because some issues may be crucial. For instance, despite the fact that this information is hard to come by, many people purchase stolen cars without being aware of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used cars good to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, the majority of them are. Prior to purchasing, it is crucial that they are in good general shape and suit your lifestyle. It is suggested that the vehicle undergo a mechanical inspection. Used automobiles are an affordable and reliable option for individuals who wish to stay within their budget.

How much can I buy a Tokunbo car in Nigeria?

This is heavily influenced by the model or brand that you want to purchase. Most modern models cost more than older ones, and if you want to purchase a used luxury car, it can cost more than the typical model brand. It is more costly than the average model brand. It is important to note that cars are more expensive if they are from a high-end brand such as an Audi or Lexus. But for an average model brand, you can get a good second-hand car for three million naira.

Where can I buy a second-hand car in Nigeria?

You can get both your brand new and second-hand cars at Carmart.ng. We sell according to your needs and lifestyle. You can scroll through our website to see the list of available cars or reach us via our other platforms.


Avoid taking chances when purchasing a used car. Conduct a thorough test drive; inspect for rust or poor bodywork; make sure the engine is smooth and still provides a respectable amount of power; test all the electronics and switches, and always obtain a car history report. Take some time to confirm that this is one of the few situations when people sell good cars for a reasonable price because it doesn’t happen often, and if all has been confirmed, you may decide to buy the car.

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