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6 Reasons You Should Buy The Innoson IVM G80 Now

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Which one is your favourite? The Innoson IVM G80 goes well beyond what you may expect from an SUV. It is an SUV that is comfortable and luxurious, better constructed and supported, and that will provide you with an engaging and enjoyable driving experience. The top-tier model is lavishly equipped with a robust body, improved sensory perception, modern technical features, and excellent off-road capabilities. This car is the official car for the Anambra State Governor, and one would have to imagine why. 

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Innoson IVM G80 back view
Innoson IVM G80 back view

The Innoson IVM G80 goes above and beyond what you may expect from an SUV. To be quite honest, it’s difficult to ignore what the IVM G80 has to offer. This post will provide you with five modern accessories for the Innoson IVM G80.

Flexible high beams

When driving at night, especially on uneven roads, it is vital to switch on the highlights in order to properly see what is in front of you. However, if you see another car approaching, switch to low lights. 

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The IVM G80’s automatically adjusted high beams might surely be useful if switching the beams back and forth is difficult. Since these beams have already helped you, all you need to do now is pay attention to the road and try not to hit other passengers.

Blind Spot Monitoring 

Innoson IVM G80 goes above and beyond
Innoson IVM G80 goes above and beyond

Blind areas are tough to navigate. Other vehicles occasionally enter spaces where their images cannot be seen via side view mirrors. The incident could occur when changing lanes. Because of this, blind spot monitoring devices were developed to alert drivers when another vehicle enters their blind area. A warning light will often flash in the side view mirror. The steering wheel vibrates and a beeping sound can also be heard if you desire to change lanes, in this case, by utilizing the turn signal in addition to the side view mirror flashing.

Lane Departure Warning 

The purpose of this is to enhance the blind spot monitoring system. You could accidentally stray from your lane for a variety of reasons, most frequently due to preoccupation. Not to worry. You’ll stay safe thanks to the Innoson IVM G80’s lane departure warning. It only functions if your automobile doesn’t have an indicator and starts vibrating or making a sound as it begins to leave the middle of the lane. Several cutting-edge technologies, such as lane centring help and lane maintain assist, will even actively direct your car back to the middle of the lane. However, bear in mind that you shouldn’t place too much faith in the lane departure warning because the system could not function if the road markings are fading.

Autonomous cruise control 

The adaptive cruise control may be useful if you wish to maintain a consistent speed with ease when travelling a long distance. This feature on the IVM G80 prevents your automobile from being caught off guard by automatically detecting if the car in front of you is travelling at a slower pace and then reducing its speed to make up for it.

Support for Android/iPhone

Although using a phone while driving is extremely risky, you may outfit your vehicle with Android or iPhone apps if you must (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay). These applications show your alerts on the dashboard, so you can focus a lot on on-road traffic.

Transmission, Powertrain and Engine

The 3.0 turbocharged engine in the Innoson G80 generates 184 kW of power and a maximum torque of 5300 Nm. An automatic transmission is paired with the engine for the best power delivery. The G80 started using a front-engine, 4-wheel drive system. An 80L fuel tank and a gasoline engine are included with the G80 as standard equipment.

Innoson G80 Specifications 

innoson IVM g80 interior
innoson IVM g80 interior

The Innoson IVM G80 G Wagon’s complete features will leave you speechless. 

Specifications IVM G80
Engine2.4L engine (Twin turbo
Price in Nigeria  N49,000,000
Drive trainFront engine 4WD
Number of seats5
Fuel Type Petrol

Frequently Asked Question

How much is the Innoson G80?

The price of the Innoson G80 has been evaluated to cost N49,000,000.

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The official vehicle of the governor of Anambra State is an Innoson G80 G-Wagon. The G80 offers an exceptional fusion of cutting-edge technology, daring style, and potent performance. A 2.4L engine that produced 5300 Nm of torque is included with the SUV. The SUV has a 9.7 second 0 to 100 km/h  acceleration time.

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