You’ve given that car some serious thought or are considering it. When you take a drive in it, you’ll be the centre of attention, and it looks fantastic. The odometer is filled with zeros, and you haven’t experienced a breakdown in at least a couple of years. You find the fragrance of a car to be intoxicating as well. Additionally, you’re sick of wasting the majority of your weekends at a roadside mechanic’s shop fixing your old vehicle.

Well, not everything that glitters is gold. You see, when in search of a car, you need to know the difference between Nigerian-used and Tokunbo, which are very different, the distinction being that Tokunbo cars are shipped from abroad and used in that foreign country. You should be aware that not all “fairly used” cars are Tokunbos, and you shouldn’t fall into the category of people who believe this fact, because it might end in premium tears. 

We are not necessarily saying Nigerian used cars are bad, but they are badly maintained, and if you buy them, you might end up going to the mechanic shop weekly. At the end of the day, you will not end up getting value for your money. These are the reasons why you should avoid Nigerian used cars.


There is no denying that Nigerian used cars may be very expensive. Normally, cars, whether tokunbo or brand new, are very expensive, but you would expect Nigerian used cars to be at least moderately priced when you want to buy them. But, this isn’t the case; their price sometimes rivals that of Tokunbo Cars, and you would have to wonder why. Imagine a 2007 Toyota Camry going for almost 3,000,000 naira as a Nigerian used car, which, if you do your research, is almost the same price as a Tokunbo SUV.

Most sellers would blame the price on spare parts and the repairs they have done on the car, or on how neatly and well the car is maintained. Don’t be fooled by this reasoning; Nigerian used cars are sometimes not worth the price and are badly maintained and have been tampered with beyond imagination. 


 The value of a used Nigerian car is probably nonexistent, and we mean this in the literal sense. It would be practically impossible for you to sell a Nigerian used car that you bought from someone else to another person. It would indeed be laughable. Even if you manage to sell it, it would be less than half the price you paid for it. This is because they depreciate badly and hold little to no value. The frequent repairs you conduct on the car are the major reason for this, and you cannot own a Nigerian-used car without frequent repairs. Not to mention the ludicrous upgrades that are done on the cars, which highly bring down their values. Buying a Nigerian used car would be a bad investment in the case of a resale. 

Features and Specifications

According to most experience, the standard features of the typical car offered in Nigeria are less extensive than those available in other nations, such as the USA. We won’t make any brand mentions. To find out what is available, you can conduct your study online and go to a Nigerian dealer.

Safety systems (such as the number of airbags, belt tensioners, ABS, brake aid, traction control, etc.), engine capacity or displacement, alloy wheels, a moonroof, a trip computer, entertainment systems, emissions systems, etc. are a few examples of things to keep an eye out for.


A warranty is a written assurance that a product’s maker issues to the buyer, promising to fix or replace the item if necessary within a predetermined time frame.

This procedure can take a very long time in Nigeria, and most people find it to be a very unpleasant experience. You might not get a loaner automobile while waiting for your car to be fixed or replaced if the problem is truly significant and the car is useless.

Additionally, it’s possible to pressure car owners into paying for repairs in order to hasten the process of getting their vehicles back on the road.

Time-consuming regular upkeep or service

You should have it in the back of your mind that buying a used car in Nigeria only leads to one place: the mechanic shop. Where does this leave you? You would end up without your car for a long period of time, and you would probably be wondering if you own a car at all. Not to talk about the money you would spend on regular repairs, but ensure your pocket is full if you want to buy a Nigerian used car. 

Hazardous conditions, includingtraffic

The fact that most Nigerian roads are dangerous and poor is not news. Insurance and warranty coverage could not cover damage to your car.

Bad roads cause one of the major damages to Nigerian used cars, and this cannot be avoided when you want to buy. There is no other alternative in this sense. Think of the journey the car has to take, ask yourself if it can take such a journey, and you will find your answer. 


Buying a Nigerian used car is not necessarily a bad idea. It has quite a number of disadvantages, and you cannot help but wonder what the reason is for buying them. The most important thing to note if you decide to buy them is to have your trusted mechanic with you to avoid any stories later. 

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