The epitome of Japanese luxury transportation, the Lexus brand has been well-known for its preoccupation with excellence for many years. The LS, the company’s debut model, set the bar high for established luxury automobile makers, who now know they must compete at a higher level.

Lexus automobiles are renowned for their style, strength, and performance. They are sold all over the world and are regarded as a luxury brand. Although many drivers swear by the brand, those considering it for their next automobile are curious: “Are Lexus cars dependable?” The general response would be “yes.” However, there are certain problems with Lexus vehicles. Like many auto manufacturers, there are some models that don’t operate as well and have more problems than others. The majority of reports rate the Lexus automobile as reliable if you search for information about it online.

Even though the company is renowned for its high quality, there are still some models that outperform others. A few stand out from the crowd in terms of their lineup, and we’ve listed them all below.

Lexus LC

The most expensive and eye-catching Lexus has a difficult task to do. This Japanese coupe fights against well-known adversaries like the Porsche 911 and BMW 8-series, which are praised for their dynamics and a broad range of capabilities.

The more expensive and opulent Lexus LC, like the smaller RC, is designed for grand travel and speeding across the countryside. But not everyone prefers to drive a vehicle made for this purpose 

The LC is a luxury vehicle that dazzles with its distinctive design and high-speed driving qualities, but it also requires some required trips to the workshop. Due to minor issues, the firm was forced to recall the LC more than once.

What to watch out for when purchasing a used Lexus LC

  • The impeller of the low-pressure fuel pump may develop surface cracking as a result of a manufacturing flaw.
  • A faulty plastic brush holder could result in the brake booster pump motor failing to function.
  • Any overly exuberant drive around the countryside or on a track could result in some damage because the Lexus LC lacks an engine and transmission oil cooler.

Lexus GX

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The Lexus GX was developed following the same idea as the larger Lexus LX: start with a reliable workhorse and add luxuries like knee airbags, a lane departure warning system, and adaptive variable suspension.

The Lexus GX’s off-road prowess and dependability haven’t been compromised in any way, and these improvements have clearly improved road handling, comfort on long drives, and daily driving. The Lexus GX has consistently been rated as one of the most dependable premium  SUVs available in the market. 

Observations to make when purchasing a secondhand Lexus GX

  • There are four CV joints on the front axles. They might become fractured or develop fractures over time, allowing foreign objects to enter and harm the CV joints.
  • Owners bring up problems. problems. Low-pressure gasoline pumps are said to be giving owners problems.
  • Where the timing chain cover connects to the cylinder block and cylinder head of the 1UR-FE V8 engine, oil leaks may occur.

Lexus LS

The LS has served as the company’s flagship since 1989, helping Lexus to become a major participant on the world stage.

Like the majority of its competitors, the LS provides exceptional comfort, the most recent technology, and a relatively traditional approach to design, but it has distinguished itself in terms of dependability.

The majority of reliability tests and owners have praised the Lexus sedan’s outstanding durability, even though it was unable to unseat the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in terms of driving enjoyment. The average annual maintenance cost for the LS is very minimal and insignificant, less than the cost of repairs for a typical luxury sedan, according to reviews.

What to look out for when purchasing a used Lexus LS

  • The mass air flow sensors have recognized problems because they clog and perform improperly. When accelerating, this may result in hesitation and a lack of power.
  • Failure of the tie rod, wishbone bushing, or ball joint could be indicated by an unusual knocking sound coming from the suspension.
  • Water pump concerns have been reported by owners.  

Lexus IS 

The Lexus IS had to persuade customers right away that it was a superior compact vehicle to others 

made by companies that had been honing the formula for years. The IS adopted a distinct strategy for practically everything, similar to nearly all other Lexus automobiles.

The Lexus hybrid powertrain is a standout feature. Hybrid variants, at least in Europe, provide reduced emissions and total costs without reducing driving enjoyment. Although the Lexus IS has additional powertrain choices, they fall short of the thrill and dynamism of competitors. The Lexus sedan’s dynamic flaws may be overlooked, though, because of its almost flawless dependability.

What to look out for  when buying a used Lexus IS

  • Owners complain that the infotainment screen frequently freezes and isn’t working properly.
  • When the car is travelling at low speeds, the rear wheels may begin to make clicking noises. These noises are typically the result of loosened rear wheel callipers.
  • The 12-volt battery in the Lexus IS ensures a comfortable ownership experience. The 12-volt battery’s low voltage can interfere with helpful features like heated seats and folding side mirrors, mirrors, as well as hybrid powertrains.

Lexus RX

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Due to its ability to meet all the needs of a family SUV, the Lexus RX SUV has long been the brand’s best-selling model worldwide.

The RX has front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, five or seven passengers, a conventional gasoline engine or a productive hybrid powertrain. In addition, the Lexus RX offers a ton of toys for both kids and adults to enjoy, just like any other opulent SUV.

What to watch out for when buying a used Lexus RX

  • Owners claim that the Lexus RX frequently experiences battery failure. Even though it typically isn’t a big deal, it can still be annoying, especially if you’re in a rush.
  • Power steering fluid frequently begins to leak from the Lexus RX steering rack and pinion. These parts could be pricey to replace.
  • Higher mileage vehicles are much more likely to experience water pump breakdowns, and leaks may appear sooner than expected.

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES has earned a reputation as a durable sedan with a high resale value and a proven track record of dependability since 1989.

The Lexus ES has received good dependability ratings for several generations, consistently outperforming the competition. Due to its long list of fantastic features and hybrid powertrains, it was well-liked.

What to watch out for when buying a used Lexus ES 

  • The ES’s dashboard has a reputation for melting, according to Lexus owners. If your vehicle is frequently parked in the sun, the plastic on the dash may melt.
  • All Lexus ES cars are susceptible to GPS issues, which are very prevalent issues. By replacing the GPS module or updating the firmware, you can repair it.
  • Owners claim that the 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engines’ engine castings are prone to cracking, which can result in both internal and external coolant leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lexus a reliable car to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, in most cases. Despite the possibility of some bad apples, Lexus has always given careful consideration to the small details, construction quality, and general durability of its vehicles.

Does Lexus usually have problems?

No, Although Lexus automobiles are quite reliable, there are a few issues with corrosion prevention, squeaky brakes, and oil leaks.

Where can I buy a Lexus in Nigeria?

You can definitely buy a Lexus at We are the largest automotive marketplace in the country. Our website hosts a large collection of cars available for sale. If you have any more inquiries regarding our services, you may reach us via other platforms. platforms.


Numerous studies have indicated that Lexus is the most dependable brand of mass-market vehicles.

Lexus has a lengthy history of receiving favourable reviews in evaluations of dependability and reliability. In practically all of them, Lexus and Porsche tie for first place. The majority of Porsches, on the other hand, have far lower yearly mileage averages than Lexus vehicles, which are built for daily driving and capable of travelling long distances without experiencing major problems.

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