523 Rolls Royce Engine Used To Power World Most Advanced Armoured Vehicle — British Army Boxer

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The British Army’s Boxer MIVs (Mechanized Infantry Vehicles) is one of the world’s toughest and most advanced wheeled armoured vehicles. The Boxer is a next-generation all-terrain fighting vehicle with a unique design and enhanced capabilities.

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The British Army Boxer MIV
The British Army Boxer MIV

One of its most remarkable characteristics is the modular design comprising a drive module and a mission module. This allows the same base platform to be turned into a command vehicle, an infantry carrier, an ambulance, or a specialist carrier, depending on what’s needed on the spot.

The vehicle has some extraordinary features like the external high0definition, long-range cameras keeping an eye on potential threats even when the vehicle is moving at a more incredible speed, and the information is sent safely to the soldiers inside through a digital display.

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This 26-foot-long vehicle can hit 60 mph and has a nuclear, biological, and chemical protection system.

For a vehicle of this capacity, it will interest you to know that the next batch of Boxer MIVs ordered and to be delivered to the British Army will get a 70 kW boost compared to the previous ones, thanks to the Rolls Royce powerful MTU 8V 199 TE21 engine that delivers 600kW.

According to the information from Rolls Royce, the British Army’s Boxer will be the first version of this vehicle to be equipped with this Rolls Royce engine. Other Boxer MIVs operating worldwide are equipped only with a less-powerful MTU engine.

The British Army Boxer MIV
The British Army Boxer MIV

The insertion of this Rolls Royce engine means that it comes with increased agility and a higher electrical load for the next set of the British Army’s Boxer MIVs.

Rolls Royce has agreed to deliver 523 of these powerful MTU Series 199 engines to the UK Army, and it’s the first time they’ll be manufactured in the UK, in East Grinstead. The funding for the vehicles was approved in 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions About The British Army Boxer MIV

Who Makes British Boxer MIV?

The first 117 vehicles of the British Army are built on German production lines. Other UK armoured vehicles are made at Lockheed Martin UK’s site in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

How Much Does A Boxer Tank Cost?

The United Kingdom is paying $10 million per Boxer MIV.

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