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5 Uncommon Causes Of Car Accidents You Need To Know

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The causes of fatal auto accidents are evident, and they are the ones we least anticipate causing accidents. You drive and ride in a car every day hoping that not even the tiniest accident will occur, since dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be highly stressful, expensive, or worse, it might claim your life. It is very unusual, and you might be wondering why these unusual accidents can happen to anybody. There are uncommon things that may easily cause fatal automobile accidents, and we want you to carefully learn about them so that you never get into one.

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Driving when it is raining

You should immediately slow down your driving by 50% when it starts to rain since the road is now wet. Because you’re having trouble seeing, you can’t be driving regularly. Wet floors make it harder for automobiles to stop, which has contributed to several accidents on our highways. No matter how skilled you are behind the wheel, driving in the rain has risks that are beyond your control. If you are driving on unfamiliar roads which are covered with big potholes and rain, you should be much more careful; otherwise, your car can get stuck there or cause an accident.


Driving too closely to the car in front, as if it were a race, is known as tailgating and is a negative habit among drivers. You could believe that tailgating is a sign of a skilled driver, but this kind of driving is exceedingly careless and likely to result in accidents. 

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When you follow too closely, you have less time to respond if the automobile in front of you suddenly stops. In the event of an accident, you will be legally accountable as the negligent driver. Additionally, because you won’t even notice it coming, tailgating makes it nearly impossible for you to traverse dangerous areas of the road as a motorist.

Crossing an animal

Many motorists in Nigeria are unaware of the potential consequences of colliding with an animal. For instance, cows occasionally major highways and you may only slam on your brakes as soon as you see them. 

If the animals haven’t completely crossed, there is no purpose in driving close by. Animals are intelligent, yet they have no concept of what an automobile is. If animals see you driving as they cross the road, they may opt to run into your car and wreck it if they have the power to do so.

Reverse when not using mirrors 

It would be quite easy for you to reverse your automobile since it would be so simple, but doing so without checking your side mirrors is completely unacceptable.

When reversing, you are expected to make your movement predictions as you peer into the side mirror. Without mirrors, reversing is like being completely blind, and accidents are always a possibility. The only way to park and reverse easily in confined places is to use the side and rearview mirrors.

A water bottle in a vehicle

Here’s how drinking that bottle of water or other beverage while driving might put you in a potentially dangerous vehicle accident.

Every time you put a bottle on the floor of the driver’s compartment of a car, it rolls while you drive and has a good chance of rolling behind the brake pedal. You won’t notice if this bottle becomes caught behind your brake pedal since you aren’t paying any attention to the regular bottle you dropped on the floor.

The bottle behind the pedal causes your pedal to become caught when you need to brake in an emergency, making braking difficult. When you need to halt, you can only keep going, putting your life in danger. Cars have cup holders for a purpose, and that purpose is as follows: To keep any bottle you use in place, always utilize cupholders. You can keep the bottle wherever else in your car if it is larger than the cup holder, excluding the driver’s compartment.

Similar to dropping a bottle, dropping shoes in this region of your automobile might result in an accident. Keep your shoes in the rear seat area when you take them off to avoid tragic stories.

Frequently Asked Questions 


After an accident, your top priority should be to focus on your health and well-being. Examine for injuries, and even if none are immediately apparent, see a doctor. Whiplash and herniated discs are two examples of injuries that may be present but not immediately felt, especially if the event has given your body an adrenaline surge.


No, not before having your car examined. Even if there are only a few scratches, you should still get your car checked out by a professional before you use it as you normally would.


When driving, you need to be very cautious. This is because one slight mistake can lead to a fatal accident. Most of the time, accidents occur because some drivers are negligent and careless, but at other times, unforeseen circumstances can lead to an accident. You should not make any of these mistakes mentioned above so as to protect yourself.

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