Most car manufacturers will provide you with instructions on how to drive your new car for the first few months when you purchase it. They do this because when you drive your brand-new car off the road, the engine won’t have time to break in.

The manufacturers of vehicles will outline an engine break-in period and provide you with a list of things you should and shouldn’t do to the vehicle during that time. This includes refraining from towing anything, altering the engine’s model, and not operating the vehicle at full throttle.

With a brand-new engine, you should exercise caution because, depending on how you operate it, you can endanger the engine’s internal components. While your engine is running, its interior components will bump into one another.

The cylinder walls of your engine may be harmed if you don’t give your engine enough time to seat its pistons when operating at low RPM. Also, this can cause future issues like poor compression and excessive piston blow-by.

  • Short-distance driving

While driving short distances on your own is okay for a new automobile, you don’t want to avoid letting the engine warm up. Your new engine may see more wear than usual if you drive short distances without letting it warm up to its typical operating temperature.

Carbon buildup is also more likely to occur in engines that are not functioning at their usual operating temperatures. In order to avoid these types of issues, you should drive your automobile for distances that will allow the engine to warm up to its typical operating temperatures when you first buy it.

  • Apply the cruise control.

Using cruise control when driving a new car is another thing you shouldn’t do. While utilising your cruise control while braking in a new car isn’t always a bad thing, you should consistently change your engine’s system.

When your engine is still breaking in, you should make sure to vary the system you run it at while being careful not to use the maximum RPMs it is capable of. If you have your cruise control on while driving, it will keep your engine running at a certain degree until you turn it off.

  • Refusing to let your engine warm-up

Before you want to accelerate quickly, it is a good idea to warm up your engine to avoid damaging it. Your engine’s oil won’t flow as effectively, and the interior parts will deteriorate more rapidly until it reaches a particular operating temperature.

Your engine’s interior components won’t be sufficiently lubricated if your engine oil cannot flow properly. The internals will eventually wear down more quickly as a result than they would have had you warmed up your engine before takeoff.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to start your car at least a few minutes before you plan to leave for work or drive home. 

  • Avoid changing the oil for an extended period of time

Since the engine has not yet been put to use, the internals has not had a chance to rub up against one another. As you install a new engine, the new parts will begin to shed metal flakes as they become used to rubbing up against one another. It is typical.

If you don’t change your oil once the engine’s break-in period is through, problems begin to arise. Your engine oil will eventually contain such metal flakes. These metal flakes can quickly erode the internals of your engine if you don’t change your engine oil.

It is advised to change your oil frequently in a new car because of this. With each oil change you make as your engine breaks in, the number of metal flakes in the oil should decrease.

  • Allow your fuel to run out

With any car, new or old, you shouldn’t really want to do this. This argument is based on the idea that sediment particles could enter the fuel pump and fuel filter if you allow your fuel level to drop too low in your gas tank. Your gasoline pump and fuel filter may become damaged as a result of this.

The silt could enter your engine through your gasoline lines if your fuel filter is unable to collect it. The presence of anything other than gasoline in your fuel lines may then result in the buildup of junk in your fuel injectors.

Debris in the gasoline tank of new cars might come from anything that was dropped there during production. Due to contaminants in the fuel you put in your gas tank, sediment might begin to accumulate in older automobiles. In your gasoline tank, any contaminants would sink to the bottom.

You shouldn’t have to worry about this as long as you don’t let your gasoline tank run out entirely. The dirt and silt would be sitting at the bottom of the gas tank and might be sucked up by the fuel pump if the gasoline levels become too low. Thus, this sort of thing will happen if your gas tank gets too low.

  • Clean Your Car with a Dirty Rag

When the paint on your car is fresh, you’ll probably want it to stay that way for as long as you can. To lessen the likelihood of swirl marks being scratched into the surface of your paint, you should employ touchless paint cleaning solutions as frequently as you can.

Normal car washes won’t work. This means that when you take your car to be washed, the car wash brushes are actually rubbing all of the mud and grime from the previous automobile all over the surface of your paint.

When you initially purchase a new vehicle, you should use a power washer to thoroughly clean the vehicle using only water pressure. If it is insufficient to completely clean your car, you may also use a small microfiber towel and spray wax, but keep in mind that whenever you put a microfiber towel on the surface of your paint, you run the risk of damaging it.

Buying a car is a lifelong investment and this means that you should be able to take care of it and maintain it without any issues. 

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