Common challenges car dealers and private sellers have are making fast sales of their cars. It’s one thing to have a car to sell, it’s another ball game entirely to get those cars before buyers who can pay for them. Regardless of how your car sales are present, there are thousands of buyers within Nigeria who would like to buy one or more cars. The game-changer for you as a car dealer or private seller is knowing smart ways to sell your cars faster.

This digital age of fast internet and social media is a good leverage you can take advantage of as a car seller to sell your cars faster without spending unnecessary extra cash. If you want to begin to make fast car sales, then this article is a must-read. Here are 5 smart tips you can use to sell your cars faster in Nigeria;

  1. Create Marketing Ads

In this digital age, marketing ads are one of the cheapest ways to convert a lot of sales. The essence of creating an ad is to attract and call the attention of your potential buyers. Beyond just drawing them, an ad can also serve as a means to remind your buyers of a need for a car. When creating a marketing ad to sell your cars, remember to use a catchy headline and always include a Call-to-action (CTA). This way you subtly get your buyers to do what you want- to buy your cars of course!

Another important part of marketing ads is pictures. Your marketing ad should contain creative and well-shot pictures of the car(s) you want to sell. The pictures must be taken in great lighting and from different angles to show the different features of the car enough to convince your buyers to pay for the car. Take a picture of the driver’s seat, the trunk and the back seat. It is important to also capture the mileage on the odometer, the tires and the engine.

There are various platforms you can join to sell your cars. You could join different WhatsApp or Facebook groups that are involved in selling and buying cars. You can also run these ads on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

To get the best results on your card, it could be best for you to employ the help of an experienced digital marketer, social media manager or copywriter; unless you can do it yourself.

  1. Sell The Car To Another Car Dealer

If you are a private seller, a smart and fast way for you to sell your car is to sell it to a car dealer. Not all car dealers, will require you to trade your car for another new vehicle. Usually, for a car dealers, buying and selling cars is their business; hence, they will be willing to buy your used car from you if your price is reasonable.

Feel free to contact various car dealers. Once you find one willing to buy from you, negotiate the price of the car till you both reach a favourable price. Once you do this, you will sell faster.

  1. Trade Your Car For A New Car

This third smart tip is the best option for you if the intent for selling your car is to add money to buy another one. Simply contact a car dealer, negotiate the price with him and get buy your new car easily.

  1. Contact Online Car Dealers- Carmart.Ng

Online car dealers is another suitable way to sell your cars fast in Nigeria. While there are a number of online car dealers in Nigeria, is your go-to online car store to bring your cars directly in front of your buyers. is one of the top websites and highly ranked car marketplace for quality and reliability where you can buy and sell your car. To get started with selling your cars on; simply input the URL ( on your browser and follow the steps from there.

  1. Request For Help From Your Mechanic

Your mechanic can also be a good link for you to sell your cars faster in Nigeria. Requesting help from your mechanic to help you scout for buyers is simple and not time-consuming. Your mechanic interacts with several car users who may be willing to change their current cars for one that they find preferable. If your selling price is within the budget of potential buyers, you will find out that your car is sold in no time.

How to Sell Your Cars Faster In

Are There Packages On Carmart.Ng
Are There Packages On Carmart.Ng

If you’re looking to sell your car quickly in Nigeria, is a great platform to consider. With its user-friendly interface and large audience, you can easily connect with potential buyers and sell your car in no time. Here are some tips on how to sell your car faster on

  1. Provide detailed information: To help potential buyers make an informed decision, provide detailed information about your car. This includes the make and model, year of manufacture, mileage, features, and any repairs or upgrades. Be honest about the condition of the car, and provide clear and accurate descriptions.
  2. Take quality photos: Photos are a crucial part of your car listing, as they can attract potential buyers and give them a better idea of what your car looks like. Take high-quality photos that showcase your car’s features and condition. Be sure to include exterior shots, interior shots, and photos of the engine.
  3. Price competitively: To attract potential buyers, price your car competitively. Do your research and find out what similar cars are selling for on If you price your car too high, it may deter potential buyers. If you price it too low, you might lose money.
  4. Be responsive: When potential buyers reach out to you, respond promptly to their inquiries. Answer their questions honestly and provide additional information if needed. Be professional in your communication, and make sure to keep a positive attitude throughout the process.
  5. Be flexible with negotiations: Negotiations are a normal part of the car-selling process. Be open to negotiation, but also know your limits. Be prepared to compromise if necessary, and be clear about your expectations.
  6. Use social media to your advantage: Share your car’s listing on your social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Encourage your friends and family to share your listing as well. This can help you find potential buyers who are interested in your car.
  7. Keep your car in good condition: To attract potential buyers, keep your car clean and well-maintained throughout the selling process. This will help make a good impression and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Selling your car on can be a fast and efficient process if you follow these tips. By providing detailed information, taking quality photos, pricing competitively, being responsive, negotiating, using social media, and keeping your car in good condition, you can increase your chances of selling your car quickly on


Selling cars fast in Nigeria is possible, you just need to know how to do it. These intelligent tips listed above are simple and affordable for any car seller to sell their cars fast in Nigeria. Do ensure you make use of them.

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