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5 Reasons You Buy A Toyota 4Runner In Nigeria This 2022

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Since its size has grown through time, the Toyota 4runner, which was formerly a tiny SUV, is now a mid-size SUV. As the name suggests, it is an SUV that offers a permanent four-wheel drive option. In Japan, the 4runner is referred to as the Toyota Surf, and it has been manufactured and sold there since 1984. There have been different revamping of the car, leading to what we have now

The Toyota 4runner is not given enough favourable reviews in Nigeria. It is sometimes seen as an oversight compared to other cars in the Toyota lineup. When compared to the Corolla, most consumers believe it falls short. There is something really special about the Toyota 4Runner in Nigeria that no one seems to be talking about, yet no one actually speculates on the peculiarity of this car. What is most notable?

Although it is well known that Toyota makes some of the greatest vehicles on Nigerian roads, it is not recognized as such and is sometimes left behind when talking about great cars. Most have viewed the Toyota 4runner in a negative light. That is why we have created this piece to give you a cogent reason to buy the Toyota 4Runner.

It has excellent reliability for an SUV

A 4runner, regardless of the year model, will give the service that Toyota is known for. The 4runner is incredibly dependable and has no ongoing issues. Every car owner’s dream is to have a car free of common diseases. The 4runner typically comes with an automatic transmission and either a V6 or V8 engine. This gave the 4Runner enough force to move across the road at a respectable speed. the third-generation 4runner, however, there is a ball joint problem that is just a result of terrible roads, if you notice the sign, the best thing to do is visit the mechanic.

The Resell Price Is Stable

Have you observed that, unlike the other semi and full-size Toyota SUVs, you will not see someone in Nigeria upgrade or facelift a Toyota 4runner? That is, after all, one of the main factors contributing to the high resale value. Nigeria’s face-lifting culture causes more harm than good. The 4runner has maintained some respectability in the second-hand automobile market in Nigeria. The Toyota 4runner has a higher resale value than vehicles like the Toyota Prado, Highlander, and Land Cruiser.

A 4runner is priceless. This only makes sense because a 4Runner’s resale value is relatively consistent. Its reliability is another feature that impacts the resale value of the Toyota 4runner. Its spare parts are available everywhere, in the most prominent vehicle parts market in Nigeria.

Are you aware of the high cost of clearing cars through customs in Nigeria? Your car’s consistent resale value will be a useful feature. Toyota developed the 4runner to last and be worth more than it cost to buy. Such a vehicle will preserve its value with ease.

The practical ride height is just logical

The ride elevation of a car is its height above the ground. Because the ride height is unique, you don’t have to raise your car every few months. The 4runner is one of those vehicles that would easily withstand any type of difficult road in Nigeria because it has a permanent four-wheel-drive system.

Older 4runners even include an auxiliary gear system that even more effectively engages the 4wd to help you get out of any difficult driving conditions you encounter.

It has a sizable interior

The 4runner has a significant edge over many current mid-size SUVs in terms of interior room. In a Toyota 4Runner SUV, you will feel nothing but comfortable. Even more, is that the 4runner is a proper family car for touring, with a lot of cup holders and luggage room for passengers.

The design keeps improving

The 4runner’s outer body design has undergone a stunning metamorphosis throughout time, even to the point where TRD had to intervene and develop a unique off-road variant. The Highlander, RAV4, and Venza all adopted the new Toyota design language, making the 4Runner the only Toyota SUV that does not. This demonstrates how unique the 4Runner series is to Toyota. Toyota sees great potential in the 4runner and wants to do even more with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Toyota 4Runner a good car?

The Toyota 4Runner is a passable SUV, but it has too many obvious problems for most people to consider it good. The V6 engine provides sufficient power, and this Toyota’s off-road prowess is unmatched by the majority of other midsize SUVs. There are two rows of large seats inside, as well as a sizable quantity of cargo room. Additionally, the infotainment system is simple to use.

Should I buy a Toyota 4Runner?

If you’re interested, you should give it a try, but in all honesty, there are many better alternatives. Looking elsewhere will also save you money because the 4Runner is one of the most costly cars in its class. Consider the Ford Explorer if you want a more comfortable people-mover than the 4Runner, or the Jeep Grand Cherokee if you want a more versatile vehicle with plenty of off-road ability.


The Toyota 4Runner has come a long way since it was introduced. Now, it comes with nice and innovative features that cannot be readily ignored. The design and detailing of the car will leave anyone astonished. If you want to buy a 4Runner, you should note that it does have some ball joint problems and some peeling of the interior space.

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