Buying a Mercedes-Benz AMG car in Nigeria is very difficult due to AMG scams in the country. So it is important to know the authenticity of what you are buying. Mercedes-Benz cars are well-known and popular, but there are AMG  versions that are more expensive than others in the lineup because they come furnished with better off-road capabilities and utilities. But, If you don’t know the genuine type, you might get scammed. 

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What is AMG?

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Review
2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Review

There is no standard definition of what an AMG is, but any car-loving Nigerian knows that an AMG is a stronger, better-looking version of the Mercedes-Benz model. Therefore, it’s always nice to have a Mercedes-Benz AMG comfortably within your car budget. AMG cars are not as economical as Benz cars because their engines are modified for speed. However, it is difficult to buy a Mercedes-Benz AMG for sale in Nigeria. Why is that?

A shady car dealer/salesman fuels this lust for his AMG and sells his fake Tokunbo/Mercedes-Benz AMG used cars to Benz enthusiasts. This is one of many car sales scams taking place in Nigeria today. Here he shows why buying an AMG-branded car requires a lot of special skills.

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Number game

The most common AMG in Nigeria is the Mercedes Benz G63. The G63 and G65 are his AMG variants of Mercedes-Benz’s popular box SUV. The normal variant has 1-character and 3-digit alphanumeric coding. The G500/G550 is the normal variant, but the AMG trim has only two numbers and an alphabet. As already mentioned, G63/G65 is the most common. 

If you see a car with an AMG emblem and a three-digit model number, then it is advised to stay away. The W204 Mercedes-Benz C300 is often seen with the AMG badge. People buy it thinking it’s the real AMG and still tries to sell it as an AMG. If the car actually has an AMG body now, this car salesman trick works perfectly.  

Body styling tricks

All Mercedes-Benz models can be equipped with the original AMG styling. All the dealer/seller has to do is buy an aftermarket body kit (bumper, grille, badge, emblems, wheels) and install it on a regular Mercedes-Benz vehicle. When an AMG buyer sees his AMG-badged car and googles the image, it’s the same because of the AMG styling, but really it’s just a trick.

Sometimes the interior speaks for itself 

2016 mercedes-benz g-class amg g 63 interior
2016 mercedes-benz g-class amg g 63 interior

Most Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles have a different AMG-style interior. The steering wheel, seats, running boards, and dashboard have the AMG logo. A dedicated AMG counterfeit car dealer can buy these badges and slap them on your interior as well.

Have you noticed how loud or deep the G63’s exhaust sound is? In fact, that’s why people buy cars. Most AMGs have their signature loud performance exhaust notes. The AMG is definitely one of the best-sounding cars, but what do you think? Jump to the next point.

Any Benz can make a loud exhaust sound

AMG G63 Edition 463 2016 Mercedes benz g class
AMG G63 Edition 463 2016 Mercedes benz g class

There are many companies that make aftermarket performance exhausts for Benz vehicles that sound as loud and deep as AMG.  

AMG exhaust

AMG-branded tailpipes can also be welded to regular exhaust pipes, and on most models, they can be fitted with an AMG lower bumper to perfectly mimic the AMG rear view. Anyone can buy the AMG badge for less than N5000. 

So the best way to tell if it’s a genuine AMG is to open the hood and check (open the hood and look at the drivetrain).

Get your powertrain right

Until recently, all Mercedes-Benz AMGs were equipped with hand-made engines signed by the engine builder. All the AMG engines have the logo printed in bold on the top of the engine’s cylinder, but it also helps give a deeper look into the manufacturer’s signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mercedes-Benz AMG cars and Mercedes-Benz Non-AMG Cars?

Most people associate Mercedes-Benz vehicles with AMG. Yet AMG is not exactly the same as Mercedes-Benz. AMG is the performance division/trim of Mercedes-Benz. AMG Mercedes-Benz automobiles are tuned in a specific way and upgraded for additional power. These vehicles also provide extra-sporty handling and more stylish aesthetics. These engines make the vehicles that much more exclusive and consequently, more coveted by automobile enthusiasts around the world.

Are Mercedes-Benz AMG Cars Better Than Other Mercedes-Benz?

AMG carries a more general meaning that encompasses a high calibre of luxury sports cars. In order to earn the AMG classification, a Mercedes Benz vehicle is outfitted with specific trim and tuning. AMG vehicles are designed to have more power and finer handling and have a unique sporty look due to their exterior and interior embellishments. Fast and powerful, these are cars you “drive to feel alive.”


AMG is said to be a more powerful model of Mercedes-Benz, so the displacement is definitely larger than the normal model. These engines are by no means quiet either. They make a loud or low exhaust note.

AMG vehicles use stronger components than the normal variants. The wheels are lighter and more aggressively styled for better performance, and newer AMG cars have AMG badging on the brake callipers. These performance components will only be noticeable in a real Mercedes-Benz AMG. Keeping all these in mind, it would help you determine a fake from a real Mercedes-Benz AMG  variant. 

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