The mere reality that we’re using our motors in Nigeria ruins the life of those motors in ways we did not know.  We found out additionally that there are ways Nigeria ruins the better part of our motors on a daily basis. In lots of ways, we’d be speaking about this.

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You see motors and also you marvel at what went wrong.  But, If you find out what causes this disparity you would see that it is the way the car is driven on a daily basis. 

Every vehicle is going off-road because of terrible roads

Do you know how stunned Toyota motor manufacturers are when they see a Corolla driving on Lagos’s notorious Iyana-Ipaja road? These motors aren’t constructed for roads like that and that is why you preserve listening to bizarre displeasing sounds like “gba gba” and “gbo gbo” all of the time whilst you drive. There aren’t any best motors for Nigerian roads. These cars had been by no means constructed for roads like this.

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Remember the Honda illness that made it oversteer and embarrass its proprietor on each Nigerian avenue? It is normally a result of hard use on terrible roads. The producers took a very long time to correct this difficulty, as it commonly does not show up on the correct roads. If it had changed into a difficulty that passed off on the correct roads, then Honda could have recalled the motors and stuck the hassle with the 2006 Honda Accord.

For this reason, our motors age prematurely and make the cost drop quickly. Bad roads break the braking elements of our motors. Scratches and bruises everywhere.

Recalled motors can not be returned to the producer

The 2013 GLK was recalled by Mercedes-Benz over a probable gas leak that might cause a hearth and that changed into precisely what was passed off to her vehicle. It is sort of not possible to deliver a recalled vehicle back to the producer as soon as it returns to Nigeria, and that is a huge hassle for the destiny of our motors. That GLK, for instance, did not actually have a destiny within the palms of its new proprietor as it couldn’t be despatched back. Nigerian ports are among the most complicated to get vehicles through. We can’t even imagine how mind-boggling it would be to send a car out of the country. We only produce and export crude oil, so it probably costs more than twice as much as a car. Shippers charge very high fees to get anything across the coast of Nigeria.

Super and high-end luxury cars depreciate

Watching the value of super and high-end luxury cars fall in Nigeria makes me rethink buying any luxury car.  The first thing that goes wrong is that you can never maximize the advantages of a supercar outside of the “show car” aspect.

Sure, they’re the centre of attention on the road, but it’s very difficult to get top-notch service for these cars in the country. So go buy a supercar for 120 million. Two years later, you’re begging people to pay you $30 million for a car. Because I’m willing to put so much money down the money hole in the name of my passion for cars. These cars will be confiscated and their values will drop slightly.

It’s not Nigeria’s fault, but every passionate potential supercar engineer wants a better opportunity and can be said to have immigrated to Canada. The way the government ignores raw talent is the main cause of this. Every year we see young Nigerian engineers building cars, but we have never seen the government put their talents to good use.

Import duty can buy a new car

Import duties and tariffs on foreign used cars are one thing every Nigerian should protest. You buy a car for 800,000, ship it for 400,000, and have to pay around 1,000,000 to declare the car at customs before using it in the country.

Congestion pushes cars to the limit

In cities like Lagos, there is so much traffic that many cars ruin the future. The average driver does not turn off their car in Lagos traffic. This traffic can last from 1 to 7 hours. Have you ever felt the inside of your car getting hot even with the air conditioner on for a long time on the road?

When cars spend more time in traffic jams every day, the wear and tear increases. This is because many cars heat up at the same time, heating up the surrounding area.


Now you should understand the ways Nigeria is ruining the future of our cars on a daily basis. Most of these are unavoidable and mean your car will never age if you drive it regularly. However, the level of abuse in our cars varies from state to state. Many areas in Nigeria have well-developed roads, and the area where you live also plays a big role.

The best way to age your car properly is to drive in and out of areas with good roads, maintain your car properly, and never get caught. It gives premium quality to the necessary parts for your car.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I drive my car on very low fuel?

This isn’t advised. You should ensure you check your fuel tank before heading to your destination. You don’t have to wait for the light to turn red before you refill your car. This would lead to damage in the long run.

Does driving on low fuel damage your engine?

Driving on low fuel levels also makes it possible for particles and debris to damage your engine or fuel pump. If there are any pieces of dirt in your fuel, they will settle at the bottom of the tank and are much more likely to end up in your fuel pump if your fuel levels are low. The fuel pump and engine are expensive parts to replace or repair, so it’s worth the peace of mind to keep your fuel levels above a quarter of a tank when you can.

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