5 Quick Steps On How To Clean Your Car Air Filter, when to Replace any Car Air Filter

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Car air filters serve an essential purpose for the car engine. It stops impurities from finding their way into the combustion chamber. That’s why the air filter of every car is mounted over the air intake valve to filter dirt. It traps dirt and protects the engine from impurities that could cause damage to the car. 

Photos of a car air filter
Photos of a car air filter

Due to the function air filters perform, they quickly get clogged with all the dirt it entraps. When the air filter is clogged with dirt, it prevents air from passing through the engine. The blockage of air from the engine causes the engine to develop faults that might affect your car.

To avoid such a scenario, every car owner must clean their air filter regularly. This article highlights eight easy ways to clean your car’s air filter.

5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Car Air Filter Without Going To A Professional 

Man replacing a car’s air filter.
Man replacing an automotive air filter.

You don’t necessarily need to run to a mechanic each time there’s something to fix in your car. There are certain things you can fix by yourself, and cleaning your car’s air filter is one. Below are some easy ways to clean the air filter yourself. 

  1. Take Out The Air Filter: The first step when cleaning your clotted car air filter is to take it out. Taking it out when cleaning helps ensure the diet does not fall into the airbox. 
  2. Use A Cleaning Solution: Several cleaning solutions are made specifically for cars. Instead of using detergents, use simple all-purpose cleaners for your air filter.
  3. Rinse With Water: The best way to rinse an air filter is with a faucet or a pipe hose. When rinsing, start from the interior to avoid pushing back dirt into the filter’s fibres. Always rinse the interior first before getting to the exterior.
  4. Dry The Cleaned Air Filter: After rinsing, shake off the remaining water clogging the air filter. Then leave it to dry before you start applying oil.
  5. Oil And Put It Back: Your air filter requires special care when oiling it. This especially applies to modern vehicles that use a Mass Air Flow(MAF) sensor. To avoid oil affecting exposed wires of the MAF, always apply special care. Apply oil using oil spray evenly on the filter. z

How To Know Your Car’s Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced

Sometimes, what a car’s air filter needs is not cleaning. It could be that it’s damaged and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes when their car’s air filter is terrible. Here are signs to know that your car air filter is damaged. 

  1. The “Check Engine” Light Appears: The “check engine” indicator only appears when one thing happens—when your air filter is dirty. Sometimes, when this dirt is ignored over time, it ruins the air filter.
  2. Reduced Fuel Mileage: Once your car’s fuel mileage or fuel efficiency reduces, you should know that the air filter might be damaged. 
  3. Foul Smell From Cabin Air Filter: The moment you start perceiving a stale smell from your cabin air filter, it probably means it’s time to replace the air filter. Once you realize this, change it immediately to avoid it rising to health issues too.


Caring for your car does not end with washing and securing it. Paying attention to the internal systems of your car is also essential. It’s essential to always care for the internal parts of your car because they determine the health condition of your vehicle. 

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