Rumour has it that some of the world’s most expensive cars can be found in Nigeria. Most times, it’s almost difficult for most Nigerians to believe that you can find specific types of luxury supercars and expensive rides in Nigeria. It is usually because of the country’s economy and the rate of suffering.

Still, that doesn’t stop car lovers in Nigeria. In this same Nigeria, you’ll find people driving some of the most expensive cars on Nigerian roads. If you are still in doubt, we have gathered information on some of the most expensive cars you’ll find in Nigeria.

5. Mansory Cullinan ($727,000)

Mansory Cullinan ($727,000-₦301,835,860 - CBN Rate)
Mansory Cullinan ($727,000-₦301,835,860 – CBN Rate)

Anyone who knows Rolls-Royce knows the car brand is always coming full circle with the type of cars they make. Rolls-Royce makes sure that “luxury” is the word inscribed on all the cars they produce, and that’s what the brand has done with the Mansory Cullinan.

The Mansory Cullinan came out as a collaboration with the Mansory brand and the luxury car label Rolls-Royce. Therefore, this luxury SUV has the Mansory signature inside and outside. This car costs a whopping $727,000. In Naira today, that’s about 451 million Naira. 

However, the hundreds of millions it costs is not enough to stop it from entering Nigeria, including the fat custom fees. This car was spotted in Abuja, Nigeria. It means that someone in Nigeria had 400-450 million Naira lying around for the Cullinan. 

4. Lexus LFA ($771,000)

Lexus LFA in nigeria
Lexus LFA in Nigeria

The Lexus brand has a sportscar named Lexus LFA. It’s a two-seat super sportscar that the Lexus company has built its reputation on smooth, refined, and perfectly nerve-calming cars.

The engine is a 4.8-litre V-10 co-developed with Yamaha. It’s a compact unit that makes 553 horsepower at 8700 rpm and revs to a giddy 9000 rpm. Maximum torque of 345 pound-feet peaks at 6800 rpm, with 90 per cent available between 3700 and 9000 revs.

This car is extravagantly expensive as it costs $771,000. In Naira, that’s about 480 million Naira, and not surprisingly, it’s been spotted in Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Brabus G800 ($875,000)

2022 Brabus G800 Reviews, Price, Specification, Buying Guide - The BOSS SUV
2022 Brabus G800 Reviews, Price, Specification, Buying Guide – The BOSS SUV

The Brabus G800 is another car that many people, both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria, want to own. The Brabus G800 does not only captivate with its thrilling looks and exclusive equipment features but also with high performance in its purest form.

The Brabus G800 comes with a four-litre twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine with two high-performance turbochargers that produce a peak output of 588kW/ 800 hp (789 bhp) at 6,600 rpm. 

The Brabus is a highly recognised car because of its outstanding performance and costs $875,000. In Naira, that’s about 550 million Naira, and the Brabus has been spotted in Abuja, Nigeria.

2. G6X6 Truck ($1,000,000)

G6X6 Truck in nigeria
G6X6 Truck in Nigeria

With each new model, the Mercedes brand reminds car lovers why the G6X6 truck is one of the best and most expensive cars Mercedes offers. Mercedes describes it as “ the most effortlessly superior off-roader vehicle ever to be developed and built by engineers.” 

G6X6 Truck in nigeria
G6X6 Truck in Nigeria

The G6X6 truck is one of the off-roaders that exhibits effortless poise and balance. When it was launched, the company mapped its price at $1.1 million. Surprisingly, someone in Nigeria has laid their hands on the G6X6 truck in Lagos, Nigeria.

1. Bugatti Veyron ($2,300,000)

Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is the top most expensive car you’ll find in Nigeria currently. The mid-sized sports car developed in France by the Volkswagen Group and Bugatti is named after the racing driver Pierre Veyron.

The sports car is made with some of the most expensive and sought-after technologies. The car is made using variable aerodynamics, an incredible high-tech solution that produces interactive features that allow you to experience the three handling modes of the Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Veyron in nigeria
Bugatti Veyron in Nigeria

With a top speed of 410km/h, it’s one of the fastest production handlings. The heart and soul of the Bugatti Veyron is the 8-litre W16 engine with four turbochargers, which initially generated 1,0001 PS and an incredible 1,2000 PS in later models. The Bugatti Veyron’s engine is designed to operate under a continuous full load, a feat other motor racing engines cannot.

However, the price tag on the Veyron is $2.3 million, and this car has been spotted in Abuja, Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Find Bugatti Veyron In Nigeria

Yes. A Bugatti Veyron has previously been spotted in Abuja, Nigeria. Although limited in number, there are not many Nigerians who own it.

What Are The Most Expensive Cars You’ll Find In Nigeria?

Some of the most expensive cars you’ll find in Nigeria are; Bugatti Veyron, G6X6 Truck, Brabus G800, Brabus G800, Lexus LFA, and Mansory Cullinan.

How Much Is The Bugatti Veyron?

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the brand’s most expensive cars, costing $2.3 million.

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