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5 Most Authentic Cars To Drive In Nigeria

In Nigeria, it is really challenging to get a vehicle that would never cause you concern. There is always one student in every class who will never be seen making noise or getting into trouble with anyone. Similar to this, we have automobiles that, despite all the issues cars face in Nigeria, would never cause you trouble in this life, no matter what you do with them.

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Cars are produced in Nigeria with the intention of bringing happiness to their owners on a daily basis. It is not that these vehicles are faultless, but there are a few characteristics that make them stand out as the most dependable vehicles in Nigeria.

Toyota Prado

Toyota Land cruiser Prado in abuja
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Abuja

When evaluating a full-size SUV, the Toyota Prado is one Toyota vehicle that just cuts across everything nicely. From 2009 to 2021, the Toyota Prado used the same type of engine variant, and Nigerian customers have never experienced any issues.

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The fact that any Toyota Prado from 2010 can be easily facelifted to look like 2021 for a few million Naira. Remember that the Toyota Prado is a full-size luxury SUV that is also extremely affordable.

The Toyota Prado is the SUV of choice for Nigeria’s top businessmen due to its accessibility to parts and skilled technicians. Everyone wants their car to be on the list of the most dependable vehicles in Nigeria, and the Prado is ideal.

Mercedes-Benz GLK

Price Of 2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 In Nigeria, Specs And Reviews
Price Of 2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 In Nigeria, Specs And Reviews

Between 2008 and 2015, Benz only produced one generation of the Mercedes-Benz GLK, a small SUV. In my opinion, no luxury compact SUV will ever be as popular as the GLK in Nigeria. We are willing to bet that the GLK would never have been discontinued if Benz used their Nigerian sales figures when making decisions.

This SUV only came in the GLK350 model, which had a nearly flawless engine. The GLK simply met many of the unique requirements of Nigerians, such as the demand for really cool air conditioning, leather seats, high ground clearance, first-rate internal entertainment, mains switch in some variants, etc.

The GLA and the GLC have taken the place of the GLK, which isn’t performing well at all in Nigeria. Not because the GLA or GLC is not among Nigeria’s most dependable vehicles, but rather because it has replaced the GLK.

The GLK is on our list mostly due to the fact that it never malfunctions or stops working. One of Mercedes-Benz’s most dependable vehicles in Nigeria is the GLK. Do not hesitate to get the GLK if you enjoy driving compact SUVs.

Hyundai Accent

2022 Hyundai Accent
2022 Hyundai Accent

This automobile is the only one, with a particular provision referring to its “non-stressing” nature. It has to be purchased brand new.

If you properly maintain your Hyundai Accent, you have ten years from the time of purchase to not fix or work on anything. One of the few Korean vehicles with such a long lifespan is the Hyundai Accent.

The Hyundai Accent was designed with its owners in mind. It’s the Korean equivalent of the Toyota Corolla; in fact, the Hyundai Accent is one of the few Hyundai vehicles with a resale value, trailed only by the Hyundai Sonata.

The Accent’s extremely poor gas mileage, regardless of how quickly or slowly you drive it, is its finest feature. Reviewers often claim to get even better gas mileage than they actually do.

Lexus ES350

Tokunbo 2019 Lexus ES350
Tokunbo 2019 Lexus ES350

The greatest mid-range luxury automobile you can purchase in Nigeria is the Lexus ES350, which was manufactured from 2007 to 2021. It is one of the best midsize luxury sedans ever created.

The perfect entry-level luxury car is the Lexus ES350. The Lexus ES doesn’t have any recognized or recurring issues, in contrast to the Lexus IS and GS. The Lexus ES also holds up well over time, and I’m sure that’s why every Nigerian wants to get one.

It’s safe to argue that the Lexus ES is among the brand’s most dependable automobiles. The automobile is incredibly simple to update or customize. It was quite bizarre to see a 2008 Lexus ES350 sporting a front fascia from the 2020 model.

Toyota 4runner

2022 Toyota 4runner Price, Reviews, And Buying Guide
2022 Toyota 4runner Price, Reviews, And Buying Guide

One of the reasons the Toyota 4Runner is so well-liked in Nigeria is that it continues to be the most dependable SUV in the history of SUVs.

 Because they don’t have the best looks in terms of SUVs, 4Runners receive relatively little attention. Only owners of Toyota 4Runners know that this SUV will never stress you in Nigeria, One is the greatest mid-size SUV for Nigeria, and that is why most don’t sell it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a Toyota Prado in Nigeria?

If you’re searching for a versatile car for commuting, transporting a smaller family, or just for daily usage, the Prado earns a position on your list. But observe your surroundings in this cutthroat class. The Mazda CX-5 has a livelier performance than the Prado and a more luxurious-looking cabin, while the Honda CR-V is just as well-rounded.

Where can I buy a Toyota 4Runner in Nigeria?

You can buy a brand new Tokunbo Toyota 4Runner at Our website hosts a variety of cars available for sale. You can only sell your car on our website in quick and easy steps. If you have any further questions about our other services, you can contact us through one of our other platforms


We have been successful in writing these vehicles that you may simply purchase and drive in Nigeria without worrying about issues. To some degree, this article may also be referred to as the most dependable vehicle in Nigeria.

Even if a significant issue arises, your professional will be able to resolve it quickly. Having said that, if you buy the cars used, you will be getting the same value and reliability as the new ones. 

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