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5 Compulsory Things To Carry For Interstate Travels in 2023, Do this to Avoid Travelling Wahala

5 Compulsory Things To Carry For Interstate Travels
5 Compulsory Things To Carry For Interstate Travels

Travelling from Lagos to Ogun might seem like a breeze because you can easily go and come back within a few hours if there is no traffic, but what if this journey was further? What if you were travelling from Lagos to Abuja by road?

We know most people would rather just take a flight than travel a two-day road journey, but do you realise a domestic flight from Lagis to Anuja can cost more than N50,000 just to get there, not to mention coming back? You would be spending a pretty penny just to get to your destination and clear a few things. Travelling interstate by road is a regular occurrence for most Nigerians, which is why we see Sienna’s and large Coaster buses at car parks that make the journey for interstate journeys across the country. 

Staying safe is important, and the criminal unrest in Nigeria might make you feel hesitant about travelling by road for a long period of time. NYSC Corpers are among those who get posted to states that they aren’t so familiar with in their entirety, and the journey alone by road can be quite frightening, especially with the notion of feeling kidnapped. Sometimes entering these public buses for interstate travel is the best because, in cases of emergencies, you would be with a number of people rather than travelling privately. 

When you go on a road trip with your friends or work colleagues, it is so much fun. Now let’s say you and your family or friends are considering taking an interstate trip. In that situation, you should bring a few items with you to maintain excitement and comfort, because it could become unpleasant if you fail to bring even one crucial item that could cause you trouble midway through the trip. So let’s offer a guide that will familiarise you with the information you need to have the necessities for a lengthy vehicle trip.

  • Have a means of identification

This is the most important thing to have on hand if you are travelling interstate, either by public transport or privately. Having a valid means of identification can help you in many unforeseeable circumstances. It serves as a means of protection that can easily save your life. A driver’s licence, voter’s card, or passport are some of the means of identification to have handy when travelling interstate. 

If you are travelling in your own car, a driver’s licence is most important because you might not be able to enter the state without having one. You might also want to ensure you have enough cash with you to pay any levies required. 

  • Have an emergency and first-aid kit with you

If you are travelling by public transport, having a first aid kit is very important because accidents happen and cannot be foretold in such circumstances; bringing it with you serves as an assurance in case a minor accident happens and people are hurt. 

When travelling alone, you have to act as your own mechanic and medic for a few days. Understand the fundamentals of first aid. Your first-aid kit must contain all of the necessary medical supplies, including medications, bandages, antiseptics, and the basics for a pandemic, like a sanitiser, masks, and liquid soap. Then, you must have the emergency equipment in the trunk of the car, including the warning triangle, window breaker, tire pressure gauge, and other necessary items. Your trip will be comfortable and simple as a result. 

  • You must have a spare tire

If you are travelling privately, it is essential that you have a spare tire in your car. When it’s too hot outside, there’s a potential that the car’s tire will blow out, increasing the need for a new one. Well, your tire could get punctured for other reasons besides the weather. The same is true for sharp things like nails and fragments of broken glass. Thus, having a spare tire in your car is quite necessary. But you must also make sure you are knowledgeable about the shortcuts for altering it rapidly. Come prepared with all the tools you’ll need for repairs.

No one wants to get stuck in an unfamiliar place, especially at night in an unknown state, because of a tire puncture. If this happens and you don’t have a spare tire, ensure you Google the name of the nearest mechanic nearby. 

  • Extra water bottles and snacks

Snacks and water bottles unquestionably become crucial road travel items on lengthy trips. Well, the heavier treats aren’t what we’re referring to. The lighter snacks, such as biscuits, chips, and other items, are useful for road trips since they prevent constant hunger.

Yet, you can always choose the large bottles, which can hold litres of water, when it comes to water bottles. Bring a few tiny bottles that you can quickly refill along with them. After all, maintaining hydration will keep your body healthy during the ups and downs of your journey.

  • Every time, extra torches are required

Like in movie scenarios, you can find yourself stranded at night in a jungle or other remote location where a torch would come in handy. Not just in these situations, but in many other situations as well, a torch can be quite useful. Thus, make it something you can always use.

These are the top things to bring on a road trip. These items will protect you from problems that frequently occur when people don’t consider the necessities for car travel to be valuable enough. Yet you must always maintain your own preservation and protection. This will maintain the delight while greatly improving accessibility and lowering the expense of the journey.

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