Most car owners get every car accessory available when they buy their cars but when it comes to car treatments, some drivers seek short-term fixes while ignoring long-term consequences. For example, they frequently believe that perfumes will eliminate the stench of the automobile, but in the long term, it really increases the odour of the interior. When shopping for car accessories, here are some common mistakes that car owners make.

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  1. Using Floor Mats With No Latches

Purchasing a car carpet is not normally necessary, but it is on the list of automobile extras. If you make the wrong decision, your automobile will get filthy in a short period of time.

The most common mistake made by car owners when selecting a carpet is to select carpets that do not have fixed locks. More specifically, automobile mats are typically classified into two types:

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  • Tailored carpets: Low-cost carpets that are tailored to the needs of the consumer.
  • Carpets produced expressly for automobiles: Carpets are made in unique fashions for popular vehicles, which are frequently offered at dealerships.

Designed carpets have the size advantage of being able to fit into vehicles. However, the drawback is that they are only available for popular car models. You will have to go to the customized sorts if you want to get an unpopular luxury car. This is when things can go wrong.

Many automobile owners assume that after having their carpet customized, the task is over, not realizing that no pin or latch may create slips after a period of use. In such circumstances, the carpet may become stuck to the brake pedals, accelerator, or clutch pedal, posing a hazard while driving.

Fix: Inquire about carpet lines that have hooks or fixed pins. If the carpet you’re buying lacks essential components, ask the supplier to create one.

  1. Abuse Of Perfume/Fragrance

Both old and new cars can emit different odours. The smell of new cars can often be detected in the materials used in the cabin, such as seat leather, carpet, or automotive glue. Sweat, aged leather, and cigarette odours can all be found in antique cars. These mingled odours, paired with the hot and humid weather, could make inhabitants feel uneasy. Many car owners choose to bring aromatic bags or perfume with them to help alleviate this predicament. This will make the owner feel very at ease at first. However, if the interior of the automobile is not well cleaned, mingling with fragrant bags or perfume will become more dangerous over time. Additionally, having perfume in the car would make the individual who is dealing with car sickness suffer much more.

Fix: Natural air, according to experts, is the best automotive aroma. You should avoid putting too much scent in. Instead, clean the cabin automobile to avoid unpleasant odours. If you’re feeling uneasy, use a tea bag or a small coffee bag to absorb the odour.

  1. Installing Insulation Films That Are “Too Dark”

In the summer, many automobile owners choose thermal insulation films (heat resistant film) to protect their vehicles from extreme heat. They make the mistake of choosing the darkest films possible without considering the consequences. The use of black insulation material, in particular, will impair car drivers’ ability to observe, especially at night. Many automobile owners cover both side windows with dark films and then cut away a small portion to see via the mirror. However, this is not a radical solution because drivers must be able to see out of all of their windows.

Fix: In this instance, the most straightforward answer is to use high-transparency insulation and, if possible, eliminate colour film. Transparent films with a transparency rate of 50-70 per cent are the most commonly recommended for their safety and a moderate amount of sun protection.

  1. Using Too Large Rear and Front Bumpers

Installation of bumpers would be absolutely required in our country due to heavy traffic conditions. Car bumpers aid in the prevention of scratches produced by minor traffic incidents. However, experts warn that bumper installation may detract from the beauty and cosmetics of your prized automobile. Furthermore, they can restrict the driving angles when going up or downhill, particularly on SUVs, crossovers, and cars that regularly travel off-road.

Fix: If you insist on installing a bumper, it is strongly advised that you choose tiny types with excessive width under 4 cm so as not to impact the operational performance of the automobile as well as the registration documents.

  1. Using Too Thick Rain Covers

During the rainy season, rain coverings are among the most popular accessories in Nigeria. When the side windows are open, the rain cover prevents rainfall from falling into the car interior. Typically, the rain cover is composed of plastic and adheres directly to the door edges to protect the car inside from rainwater falling inside when the side windows are opened. However, many car owners opt for quite thick ones, with some even topping 3cm in length, limiting driving sight. This is especially risky while travelling in low-light or foggy circumstances.

Fix: To avoid vision obstruction, drivers should use a long rain cover with a medium thickness.

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