5 Best Car Tracking Companies In Ghana

5 Best Car Tracking Companies In Ghana
5 Best Car Tracking Companies In Ghana

A car tracker is one of the best innovations you can install in your vehicle. With car trackers, you can be guaranteed of having real-time updates about your vehicle’s location per time. This way, you have a reliable means of tracing your car if it gets stolen or hijacked. Car trackers make use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites to gather relevant information about your vehicle’s location. 

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In Ghana, car trackers are highly important because of the safe and convenient vehicle recovery process it guarantees. There are various car tracking companies in Ghana where you can buy quality car trackers and have them fitted into your vehicle. Do you need to find a car tracking company in Ghana right now? Below are the best five:


Autos Ghana offers reliable car tracking services for business, individual and professional needs. They provide effective car tracking services for fleet owners, giving tracking reports for trucks, buses, excavators, private cars and motors. Innovative features of the GPS tracking system offered by Autos Ghana include Emergency alerts, Automated alerts, geo-fencing, Historical fleet data, Immobilizer, Reporting etc. They provide specialized GPS Tracking products including OBD GPS Tracker, Hard Wired Products, GPS and Fuel Tracker.

Autos Ghana has vast experience in providing GPS tracking solutions for a wide range of businesses in Ghana including Bus Tracking, HVAC companies, Construction companies, rental companies, Heavy equipment and trailers, oil service companies, concrete companies etc.


Nsoroma GPS, founded in 2007, is an award-winning vehicle tracking company established in Ghana with branches in other countries in Africa including Nigeria, Angola, Gabon and Congo. With cutting-edge innovation and technology, Nsoroma GPS has been able to provide reliable car tracking services that its customers have come to love. 

Outstanding features provided by Nsoroma GPS vehicle tracking services include: Vehicle maintenance management, Various interactive map layers, Automated alerting and reporting, Data is never deleted from our server, and Works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets. With advanced technologies such as UFS and OBD II devices, Nsoroma GPS are able to provide you with the best-fuel management services. There are various customization packages available to clients according to their unique needs.


MTN Ghana also provides excellent car tracking offers for their customers. MTN Vehicle Tracking Service is a standard and personal tracking system, which combines the use of an automatic GPS tracker with software that collects data/information about a vehicle’s location and presents it on a web platform. Fleet owners are welcome to make use of the MTN Ghana vehicle tracking service to manage their fleet management functions including fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security. 

Vehicle trackers available with MTN Ghana feature top-innovation showcasing brilliant features including – 

  • Live mapping: Vehicles are monitored on a minute-by-minute basis continually. 
  • Small Form Factor: The equipment installed into a vehicle can be hidden.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Reporting information is stored for three months and captures all activities of the vehicle.


Frotcom Ghana is one of the biggest distributors of Intelligent Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management systems in and around Ghana. The company integrates state-of-the-art telematics with user-friendly software and powerful analytics to provide reliable solutions to its clients. 

Frotcom Ghana holds in high esteem innovation and quality and thus has strived to remain at the cutting edge of providing modern solutions in vehicle recovery and tracking. Frotcom is a global brand and has a presence in about 40 countries.


Global Trackers and Car Alarms Ltd provide car tracking solutions that are easy to use and maintain. In 2016, the company won an award as the Best car tracking Company of the Year. Innovative and competent, Global Trackers and Car Alarms Ltd use a digitised mapping system designed purposely to track assets within Ghana and its neighbouring countries. Data tracked on vehicles is logged on the company’s private cloud and stored for months to allow clients to go through.

Products and services offered by Global Trackers and car alarms Ltd include Car Alarms Systems, Field Service GPS Trackers, Pet GPS Trackers, Child & Elderly GPS trackers, Motorcycle GPS trackers, Aircraft GPS Trackers and Construction Vehicles GPS Trackers.

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