4 Best Alternatives To Buy Instead Of The Toyota Sienna

4 Best Alternatives To Buy Instead Of The Toyota Sienna
4 Best Alternatives To Buy Instead Of The Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna offers great value for money for your family. However, it is not necessarily popular among all Nigerians. Don’t you feel Sienna? Check out the other alternatives! It’s an indisputable fact that the Toyota Sienna is a great family minivan. It provides ample space for people and luggage. Engine performance is above average, and the overall driving experience is excellent.

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But what if Sienna is not available? There is no rule in the world that everyone in Nigeria must get Sienna. Nigerians love options. So, sticking to just the Toyota Sienna minivan can be a tall order. It eventually gets boring. Some people can’t afford it, some people don’t like it. Like everything else in life, Sienna is non-essential. Other similar car brands and models on the market offer the same services as the Sienna. This piece spotlights other vehicles that serve as the best alternatives to the Toyota Sienna in Nigeria.

Toyota Highlander 

The Toyota Highlander is a very good alternative to the Sienna. When it comes to looks, the Highlander beats the Sienna without trying too hard. Plus, it’s more capable of withstanding rough terrain than the Sienna.

The Highlander has a better exterior than the Sienna. Like the Sienna, the Highlander can accommodate up to eight people. But when it comes to cargo space, the Highlander has less cargo space than the Sienna, so it can’t compete. The Highlander also features similar features to the Sienna, including tri-zone climate control, a rear entertainment system, and rear-view cameras. The Highlander is supercharged with either a 3.5-litre V6 or a 2.7-litre 4-cylinder engine for plenty of thrust on any road.

Honda Odyssey

Calling the Honda Odyssey unattractive doesn’t change the fact that it serves families well in terms of comfort, mobility, and performance. For the record, the Honda Odyssey features some of the latest automotive technology, including a car vacuum cleaner. It is a spacious space that can be used by up to eight people, so there is no feeling of being a cramped space.

The Honda Odyssey offers 172.6 cubic feet of storage space. Once everyone is comfortably seated, there is plenty of space to carry the items you need to carry in your vehicle. Cargo space remains. If you don’t want to transport up to eight people, you’re left with 172.6 cubic feet of storage space. The vehicle is powered by a 3.5-litre V6 known for its reliability and efficiency. It produces enough power to move a large family car from one place to another without road problems.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan
Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge embarked on minivan production in the mid-1980s. Since then, the automaker has become a major player in the auto industry when it comes to minivans. Caravans may not be as exciting, but they certainly help. With plenty of seating, it can accommodate up to 7 people. Entertainment technology is in line with the latest trends, with a 3.6-litre V6 engine to provide maximum entertainment for passengers who sit in their seats and enjoy the ride. Users can also carry enough items with 143 cubic feet of cargo space.

Dodge Journey

dodge journey
dodge journey

The Dodge Journey cannot be classified as a minivan, but it boasts features found in minivans like the Toyota Sienna. However, it has its advantages as it combines minivan and unique features.

First of all, it has three rows of seats, so even a large number of people can sit comfortably. Its all-wheel drive (AWD) makes it much more enjoyable. Cargo space is something Dodge doesn’t boast as much as the Sienna, with just 67 cubic feet for cargo. The Dodge Journey has two engine options: a 3.6-litre V6 and a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 2007 Toyota Sienna?

The price of a 2007 Toyota Sienna has been evaluated to cost N3,000,000.

Where can I buy a Toyota Sienna in Nigeria?

You can buy a brand new Tokunbo Toyota Sienna at Our website hosts a variety of cars available for sale. You can only sell your car on our website in quick and easy steps. If you have any further questions about our other services, please contact us through one of our other platforms.


What do drivers love about the used Toyota Sienna? There must be a reason why Nigerian drivers are crazy about the used Toyota Sienna. The cabin and cargo space top the list. You can run errands with so much ‘load’ and take a ride with your family and friends. You can make turns and hit the highway without any sluggishness.

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