Knowing how to move a car from one location to another is not the only thing that determines you know how to drive. One of the major reasons why accidents are on the rise in Nigeria is due to poor driving skills. So, there’s always room for every driver in Nigeria to improve their driving skills.

Many Nigerians who are experienced with driving cars believe that one of the major reasons why there are a lot of inexperienced drivers on Nigerian roads is due to the poor scrutiny drivers go through before getting qualified in the country. Some drivers don’t even attend driving schools, they learn from others or through trial and error before they start handling cars.

But that’s not enough to call yourself an experienced driver. There are things you don’t know, and it’s a direct result that many drivers make mistakes on the road. This article lists the three easy ways to quickly improve your driving skills for a safer driving experience in the country.

How To Quickly Improve Your Driving Skills In Nigeria

How can you quickly become a better driver in Nigeria? We have listed the three best approaches to this. They are:

  1. Hire An Experienced Driving Coach

A competent driving coach has experience in 100% of things that involve driving, so you’ll be in better hands learning beyond knowing how to move a car from point A to point B. Also, avoid asking a random person to become your driving coach, apply to driving school, and look for certified and qualified driving tutors to help you learn more.

Sometimes we feel like we’ve mastered everything that involves driving once we can move our vehicle around. But that’s not where it ends. There’s still more learning to do, and you can only figure that out through a coach’s guidance.

  1. Spend Time Learning From Experienced Car Owners 

While you need a certified driving coach, there’s no denying that there are things you pick up directly from other experienced drivers. No, we are not talking about drivers who merely learned how to move a vehicle around. We are referring to those who equally took their time studying and practising every driving rule and safety guide.

Spend some time with people like this. Go on a ride with them occasionally and learn bits that could be easily ignored through them. Every experienced driver has an important driving tip/lesson to teach you. Be open to learning.

  1. Prioritize Safe First

With the increase of fast cars with great engines, everyone is focusing on how fast their vehicles can travel. But that’s one of the signs of poor driving. The rise of driver safety features in vehicles should help you understand that carmakers are moving towards ensuring that cars are safe for drivers to drive. So, as a car owner, safety should be paramount to you. 

When you are not prioritizing safety, it means you have poor driving skills. Great driving skills begin by putting safety first at the back of your mind.


If you are wondering why you are not yet experienced with driving cars, maybe you are not practising either of these tips. Apply them to your driving experience and watch how you rapidly improve.

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