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3 Most Underrated Supercars Inside The Garage Of The American Comedian, Jay Leno

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James Douglas Muir Leno is an American TV host, comedian, writer, and actor. He started his career with stand-up comedy, and over time, he progressed to become the host of American TV, NBC. Through his comedy and TV hosting career, he has acquired an insurmountable amount of wealth. And only his car collections are worth between $52 to $100 million.

Jay Leno's Car Collection
Jay Leno’s Car Collection

Jay Leno is a serious car collector. He collects from seven-figure supercars to trucks and classic cars. Considering that, there are definitely a lot of cars in his garage. While many of Jay Leno’s cars are notable, some of them are underrated. Yet, these cars are incredible in every way. Here are some of them.

Batman’s Tumbler – $1 Million

Jay Leno Batman’s Tumbler
Jay Leno Batman’s Tumbler

This car was built by Warner Bros’ Transportation Studio division for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. The car is massive and super heavy. It is relatively quick, which is thanks to its 5.7-litre GM V8 that powers it. It goes from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, which is not bad for a car that weighs 2.5 tons.

If you are a Batman fan, you must have seen it onscreen, driven by Christian Bale. 

Lexus LFA – $375,000

Jay Leno Lexus LFA
Jay Leno Lexus LFA

When the Lexus LFA was first announced, people laughed at the car. But, it subsequently changed the paradigm for supercars. Some critics even argued that a $375,000 car was too much to handle and exorbitant. However, almost everyone quickly changed their mind when they actually saw what the car could do. 

The Lexus LFA is fast, looks awesome, and has the most amazing V10 soundtrack you will ever hear. The car’s production was capped at 500 units, each with a $375,000 price tag. Jay Leno has one of them sitting in his garage.

Dodge Viper – $125,000

Jay Leno Dodge Viper
Jay Leno Dodge Viper

As a staunch car collector, Jay Leno has owned various Dodge Viper models. He has owned the 1996 GTS, an original first series from 1993, and a 2013 GTS. It’s easy to say that he loves Dodge Viper cars.

The Dodge Viper has introduced 30 years ago, and although it doesn’t make logical sense, people still love it.

For years, the Dodge Viper was the largest engine fitted to a production car. The vehicle you see here is fitted with an 8.4-litre V10 that delivers 650 horsepower.

The car is also fitted with a 6-speed manual transmission. Although it wasn’t exactly the most expensive when it first launched, it has retained its value because of its unique features. 


With a net worth of $450 million and an annual salary of $15 million per year, Jay Leno has approximately 181 cars and 160 bikes, but the numbers continue to grow because he’s a frequent buyer.

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