3 Major Common Problems Car Owners Reported In The Honda Pilot

How Much Is The 2022 Honda Pilot In Nigeria
How Much Is The 2022 Honda Pilot In Nigeria

The Honda Pilot is one of the leading SUVs in the Nigerian market today. The trustworthy three-row midsize SUVs have been around for several years. Many Nigerians love it because of its reliability and quality, but that does not mean it does not have its issues.

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Given that, many car owners have reported several problems they’ve been experiencing with the Honda Pilot over the years.

Here are the three major problems car experts at RepairPal found disturbing the Honda Pilot the most.

Most Common Issues Affecting Honda Pilot SUV

9 Good Reasons You Should Consider Buying The Honda Pilot
9 Good Reasons You Should Consider Buying The Honda Pilot

If you are in the market for the Honda Pilot SUV, you’ll want to check out some of the major issues this vehicle has and figure out if it’s something you can live with before spending more on it. Now, here are the three major problems with the Pilot we’ve figured out according to RepairPal:

  1. It develops warped front brake rotors that may cause a vibration when braking

This particular issue was reported by over 529 owners of the Honda Pilot. However, it has a fix it. Here’s it: If the front brakes on your Honda Pilot vibrate, the rotors could be warped. When this happens, the brake rotors must be replaced to correct the issue. So, when you replace the brake rotors, replace the brake pad.

However, you start experiencing this issue with your Honda Pilot after it’s crossed the 47,000 miles mark. 

  1. Overheated wire harnesses may cause low beams to fail

187 owners reported this particular issue. It is a dangerous situation when this happens. An overheated wire can cause this issue in the headlight harness. Owners must replace the combination light/turn signal switch connector when this happens. Owners of the Honda Pilot start experiencing this issue when the vehicle reaches the 137,000 miles mark.

  1. The map light does not turn on when opening the door

This issue has the lowest report of only 125 owners of the Honda Pilot. The map light doesn’t turn on when the Honda Pilot’s door opens because of a faulty door switch. However, once you’ve replaced this switch, you’ve fixed the problem. It is a problem that starts occurring once your Honda Pilot has crossed the 97,000 miles mark.

Is The Honda Pilot Still A Reliable SUV?

The Honda Pilot receives a reliability score of 3.5 out of 5.0 from RepairPal. This rating places the Pilot at 13th out of 26 models for the midsize SUV class. They ranked the Honda Pilot based on the following:

  • Cost of repair
  • The frequency at which customers complain about their Honda Pilot
  • The severity of the Honda Pilot’s repair

While these issues are experienced in Honda Pilot, the 2023 Honda Pilot brings a new generation of SUVs to the market. It has a refined powertrain, capable off-road TRailSport trim, three rows of seats, and a strong powertrain. These improvements give the vehicle a rugged and desirable look to its previous models.


If you are buying older models of the Honda Pilot, be aware that some problems could arise when your vehicle hits 47,000 miles upwards. However, they are fixable, and once you dedicate them, drive them to the nearest mechanic store for repair.

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