Two of the most popular compact SUVs are the 2023 Toyota RAV4 and the 2023 Honda CR-V. Although these two SUVs offer many similarities, some features you’ll find in the RAV4 aren’t available for the CR-V.

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Below, you’ll find out what the 2023 Toyota RAV4 has that the Honda CR-V lacks.

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 Has A Lower Starting Price Than The 2023 Honda CR-V

Honda removed its base trims from the entire lineup, leaving the EX trim as the starting point. This immediately puts the CR-V at a higher price than the Toyota SUV. The starting point for a 2023 RAV4 is $27,975 (20 million naira—the current exchange rate), while the 2023 CR-V costs $31,575 (23.6 million Naira—using the current exchange rate). If you’re searching for a more affordable base model, the 2023 Toyota RAV4 is clearly that compact SUV.

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The 2023 Toyota RAV4 Has Better Acceleration

Here’s The Major Reason 2023 Honda CR-V Is Better Than Toyota RAV4
Here’s The Major Reason 2023 Honda CR-V Is Better Than Toyota RAV4

Although CVTs have come a long way, there’s something enjoyable about transmission with eight real gears. The 2023 Toyota RAV4 is powered by a 2.5-litre naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine that delivers 203 horsepower. This power routes to the wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission. This is the formula for quick acceleration at highway speeds.

The turbocharged engine and CVT of the Honda CR-V can’t keep up with the natural power of the RAV4. Granted, this isn’t a heavyweight battle of muscle cars, but the Toyota SUV does better when you want to get to highway speed sooner.

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 Has A Better Fuel Economy Advantage Over The 2023 Honda CR-V

2023 Toyota RAV4 Overview | Toyota

The FWD base models of these two compact SUVs offer nearly identical fuel economy figures. The 2023 Honda CR-V returns 28 city/34 hwy mpg while the RAV4 delivers 27 city/35 hwy mpg (six of one, half-dozen of the other). The real difference is in the AWD versions of these SUVs.

The difference in the AWD models is still slight but more significant than the FWD SUVs. The AWD RAV4 offers 27 city/34 highway mpg while the AWD CR-V returns 27 City/32 highway mpg for a slight advantage over the Toyota SUV.

Toyota RAV4 Has A Slight Advantage Over The Honda CR-V In Driving Aids 

Experts at J.D. Power, note that the Toyota RAV4 has a slight advantage in safety and driving assistance features over the CR-V. The Honda Sensing Suite and the Toyota Safety Sense package include several driving aids to keep drivers out of danger. The RAV4 adds more at higher trims to offer more alerts and intervention features. Some of the additional items are:

  • Blind-spot warning
  • Rear cross-traffic alerts
  • Rear cross-traffic braking
  • Front and rear park assist with automatic braking (optional)

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 Has A Significantly More Advanced Infotainment Than The 2023 Honda CR-V

Honda is behind the times with its 7-inch base touchscreen and 9-inch upgraded version. This seems odd since the 2023 Honda CR-V is the start of a new generation for this Honda SUV. The Toyota RAV4 offers a standard 8-inch touchscreen and a 10.5-inch display at higher trims. All models of the RAV4 include wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay; you have to reach the EX-L and Sport Turing trims of the CR-V to receive this wireless connectivity.

2023 Toyota RAV4 VS 2023 Honda CR-V | Which Reliable SUV Should You Buy?


Although Toyota is yet to redesign the RAV4, it still has great advantages over the Honda CR-V, which has been redesigned for the 2023 model year. There are also other areas where the CR-V stands higher than the RAV4, but the RAV4 still holds an advantage.

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