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2023 Toyota Hilux Review, Price, Specification, Buying Guide

2023 Toyota Hilux Price in Nigeria
2023 Toyota Hilux Price in Nigeria

The Hilux, produced by Japanese automobile giant, Toyota, hit the market in 1968 and is undoubtedly the world’s toughest pick-up. It is the winner of the international pick-up awards for 2022-2023. In Nigeria, an older model of the Hilux is used by the armed forces and the police as patrol vans. While even older models are used for the transportation of goods. More recent models can be seen in the convoys of politicians and other VIPs. Individuals also own the car privately. In all, the Toyota Hilux has served Nigerians properly over the years. The pick-up truck has a unique look that makes it stand out on the road.

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Once again, Toyota has upgraded the looks and efficiency of the Hilux to meet up with the modern standards in 2023 and with it will come a new GR version. The latest intel suggests the new HiLux will be based on the same TNGA-F platform as the recently launched LandCruiser 300 Series.

2023 Toyota Hilux Exterior

Brand new 2023 Toyota Hilux GR land in Nigeria, Cost 46.5 million naira
Brand new 2023 Toyota Hilux GR land in Nigeria, Cost 46.5 million naira

The 2022 Toyota Hilux has updated lines and a less blocky look which makes it look modern and aggressive. Toyota redesigned the front grille completely, making it bigger. The name ‘TOYOTA’ is inscripted on the front grille. The body of the vehicle is made of chrome which is a premium material. While the headlights are completely redesigned to complement that modern look, also the graphics on the lights are updated to improve visibility. The 2023 Toyota Hilux will also use lighter chassis and lighter materials, a decision for this move was made due to fuel economy. This saves the planet and saves the buyers money too.

New LED headlights have been installed on the front fascia, and the rear fascia will receive the same treatment as the headlights. It’s also rumoured that new optional wheels are in the pipeline. The shape and dimensions of the truck will not alter also, the bumpers are more noticeable than in prior models, and the grille has been extensively redesigned. New exterior colours and potentially a new optional look package are also possible.

2023 Toyota Hilux Interior

2023 Toyota Hilux Interior
2023 Toyota Hilux Interior

The inside of the Toyota Hilux in 2023 will also undergo significant alterations. To begin with, the interior design will remain unchanged this time, and we expect to see the same configuration. Toyota, on the other hand, plans to modernize the inside and add more high-quality materials. New upholstery will be available, and the Japanese automaker plans to increase the amount of chrome used. Prior versions, on the other hand, lacked phone connectivity such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These features will now be provided as part of the standard package. Hilux will get a new infotainment system as well as an enhanced digital instrument cluster.

2023 Toyota Hilux Trims

Toyota Hilux was available in a variety of trims depending on the market. In some countries, the Hilux is sold as a single trim with optional packages, while in others it is available in multiple trims with different features and specifications. Some of the trims that were available at that time include:

  1. SR
  2. SR5
  3. Rogue
  4. Rugged
  5. Rugged X
  6. Workmate
  7. Invincible
  8. Invincible X
  9. Active

It’s worth noting that the availability of these trims may vary depending on the country and region, and Toyota may have introduced new trims since my knowledge cutoff date. I recommend checking Toyota’s official website or contacting a local Toyota dealership for the most up-to-date information on available trims.

2023 Toyota Hilux Specifications

EngineV-6 Turbodiesel
Price$24,225 – $63,180
Torque510 ft-lb
Top SpeedN/A
Fuel Tank Capacity80L
Fuel Efficiency6.9 – 11.1 / 100KM
WarrantyBasic: 3 years / 36,000 miles , Drivetrain: 5 years / 60,000 miles , Corrosion: 5 years / Unlimited miles , Roadside Assistance: 2 years / Unlimited miles
Available ColorsWhite Pearl Crystal Shine, Emotional Red, Super White, Grey Metallic, and Silver Metallic
Steering TypeRack & Pinion with Hydraulic Pump
Seating Capacity5 seater
Wheel Size17 in Steel Rims with Wheels Caps
Price in Nigeria30 million to 40 million naira

2023 Toyota Hilux Release Date

The exact date for the release of the 2023 Toyota Hilux remains unknown but the automobile will certainly be available for purchase before the end of the year 2022.

2023 Toyota Hilux Price

As far as the pricing goes, basic trim should start somewhere around 22 million naira excluding duties. Upgraded trims will obviously increase in price. And hybrid versions are expected to be 40 million naira or more. But people should look at the hybrid version as an investment, they are going to spend less fuel, which saw an all-time high during the ongoing crisis. And they are making their planet a better place to live.

2023 Toyota Hilux Adventure V6 4.0L
2023 Toyota Hilux Adventure V6 4.0L

2023 Toyota Hilux Price in Nigeria

After purchase, clearing and duties paid this 2023 Hilux should start from 40 million to 50 million naira in the Nigeria dealer’s showroom

2023 Toyota Hilux Buying Guide

2023 Toyota Hilux Buying Guide
2023 Toyota Hilux Buying Guide

The Toyota Hilux has served us for many years and we expect the 2023 model to do the same. We don’t know the best trim to buy as full information hasn’t been released about this automobile. However, we are certain that all trims will maintain their low-level fuel consumption.

2023 Toyota Hilux Safety Features

The safety features of this pick-up truck include; seven airbags, stability control, traction control, and hill-start assistance.


The 2023 Toyota Hilux is earnestly being anticipated across the globe as we all look forward to receiving the best from Toyota once again. Also, we hope that the 2023 Hilux will stay ahead of its competitors which are Ford, GMC, etc. 

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