2023 Changan CS95 in Nigeria: Price, Reviews, Specification

2023 Changan CS95 in Nigeria
2023 Changan CS95 in Nigeria

The 2023 Changan CS95 is a large SUV produced by the Chinese automaker Changan Automobile. The 2023 Changan CS95 was first introduced in 2017 and is known for its spacious interior, comfortable ride, and advanced features.

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It typically offers to seat seven passengers and comes equipped with various amenities such as leather upholstery, a touchscreen infotainment system, a panoramic sunroof, and safety features like multiple airbags, ABS and stability control.

2023 Changan CS95 interior

2023 Changan CS95 interior
2023 Changan CS95 interior

The 2023 Changan CS95 showcases a range of impressive features, including its interior design and powertrain options. Inside the vehicle, you’ll find a modern and high-tech cabin. The CS95 is equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel, providing clear and vibrant visuals for displaying crucial driving information. Complementing this is a 12.3-inch central control screen that serves as the command centre for various functions.

2023 Changan CS95 interior
2023 Changan CS95 interior

Interestingly, the central control screen does not support touch input. Instead, there are buttons located on both sides of the screen, allowing for easy and convenient control. In terms of seating, the CS95 follows a seven-seater layout, specifically a 2+3+2 configuration.

2023 Changan CS95 interior
2023 Changan CS95 interior

This arrangement ensures ample space and comfort for all occupants, making it suitable for larger families or those who frequently travel with a group of passengers.

2023 Changan CS95 specifications

2023 Changan CS95 specifications
2023 Changan CS95 specifications

These specifications make the 2023 Changan CS95 a powerful and capable SUV, providing a balance of performance, comfort, and utility.

2023 Changan CS95 Overview

  • Body Type – SUV
  • Drive Type – WD
  • Fuel Consumption – 12.2 Km/L
  • Engine Type – Gasoline
  • Engine Capacity – 2 L
  • Horsepower – 233 hp
  • Cylinders – 4 Cylinders
  • Transmission – Automatic
  • Torque – 360 N-m
  • Fuel tank capacity –74 L
  • Sensors – Rear And Front Sensors
  • Airbags – 6 Airbags

The 2023 Changan CS95 exterior design

2023 Changan CS95 exterior design
2023 Changan CS95 exterior design

The 2023 Changan CS95 is not only impressive on the inside but also showcases an eye-catching and modern exterior design. At the front, the CS95 features a butterfly wing style front face that exudes a sense of contemporary urban flair. This design element adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the SUV’s overall appearance, making it stand out on the road.

2023 Changan CS95 exterior design - back view
2023 Changan CS95 exterior design – back view

In addition to its stylish aesthetics, Changan has also focused on enhancing the CS95’s practicality and efficiency. The company has incorporated noise-cancelling tires with dynamic multiple rims into the vehicle’s construction. This innovative feature serves a dual purpose: it helps to minimise road noise, resulting in a quieter interior cabin, and it contributes to energy savings. By reducing noise and optimising the rolling resistance of the tires, Changan aims to create a more comfortable and efficient driving experience for CS95 owners.

2023 Changan CS95 Price in Nigeria

The 2023 Changan CS95 is mostly available in dealership showrooms in Lagos and Abuja. It is a facelift model of the current CS95 on the market that was first launched on April 2021. In addition, it may be renamed to “CS95 PLUS”. The starting price will be around for the 2023 Changan CS95 in Nigeria should be between ₦25 million to ₦32 million.

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