The luxurious and potent 2022 GLS-class, which tops the Mercedes-Benz SUV lineup, justifies its place alongside other high-end Benzes with a technology-and luxury-filled interior. A 48-volt hybrid system helps a 362-hp turbocharged inline-six produce a silky-smooth ride, and the GLS’s balanced, fluid handling makes it unexpectedly enjoyable to drive. Air suspension and all-wheel drive are also standard, and the GLS can be customized with cutting-edge features like a camera system that scans the road in front of it for potholes.

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Everyone should find the interior of the GLS to be roomy and comfortable, even though second-row captain’s seats are optional and decrease occupancy to six. Although fuel efficiency isn’t fantastic, the GLS is competitive with other large SUVs like Land Rover Range Rover, of which cannot equal the GLS’s energetic on-road character. 

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class side view
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class side view

Both a blacked-out Night look package and an AMG Line appearance package are now available for the GLS class. There is also an inclusion of Cirrus Silver and Espresso Brown with black leather interiors. All-season floor mats are now also available for purchase. The new and revamped GLS Class is one to look out for, and we have all the necessary details to help you. In that regard

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2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Trim Levels

The trim levels available for the GLS are the GLS450 and GLS580. The second row of the GLS is made more opulent by the Executive Rear Seat Plus package, which also includes side-impact airbags, a wireless smartphone charging pad, tablet controls for the infotainment system, and massage chairs.

You must pay extra for leather upholstery if you get that package because it isn’t standard. The one to be on the watch is the GLS450, because of its moderate but outstanding value and features.

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Engine, Horsepower, and Performance

There are two variants available: the eight-cylinder GLS580 and the six-cylinder GLS450, both of which include some hybridization. The 3.0-litre inline-six turbocharged engine in the GLS450 produces 362 horsepower and runs smoothly. The twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V-8 in the GLS580 produces 483 horsepower, making it significantly more potent.

The GLS class, despite its size, is simple to manoeuvre on a winding road but isn’t particularly sporty or harsh over bumps. Although air suspension is a basic feature on all models, Mercedes also offers a clever new system dubbed E-Active Body Control. Using a forward-facing camera, it detects bumps and adjusts the suspension so that riders won’t sense the flaws in the road.

Although it is an expensive technology, we believe that most consumers will find that the default arrangement works just fine.

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Fuel Efficiency and Actual MPG 

The GLS-fuel class’s efficiency estimations are subpar. The GLS450 gets 21 mpg overall, 23 mpg on the interstate, and 19 mpg in the city. With 16 mpg, 21 mpg, and 18 mpg, the GLS580 performs poorly. The BMW X7 will be a superior option if fuel efficiency is important to you. 

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Exterior

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class

Since the Mercedes GLS is the company’s largest SUV, it naturally leaves a big impression. With a highly appealing twin-blade grille taking up most of the front fascia, it features a style that is probably more striking than its sedan counterpart.

Multi-beam LED headlights and LED daytime running lights to surround this. Additionally, the rear has LED taillights that are connected by a thin chrome strip. Although the back fascia is somewhat plain, it does have a lower bumper plate in chrome and two exhaust ports with chrome accents.

The wheel arches typically accommodate 20-inch alloy wheels, although 21, 22, and even 23-inch versions are also offered. The AMG Line Package outfits your GLS with 21-inch AMG double five-spoke wheels and an AMG body kit if you want it to stand out even more.

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Interior

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Interior
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Interior

This version of the GLS is far more contemporary than the one it replaces, and it shares design cues with the similarly new GLE-class SUV for its dashboard and cockpit arrangement. Although it can accommodate up to seven passengers, six can be specified if the captain’s seats are chosen as an option.

The first and second rows have enough room for passengers, and while the third row isn’t quite as roomy as the second, an adult may sit there without much fuss, which cannot be said of the way back in the X7.

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Infotainment and Connectivity System

The dashboard is dominated by two massive 12.3-inch digital panels. One handles infotainment duties and runs Mercedes-new Benz’s MBUX software, which includes a virtual assistant akin to the iPhone. The other handles infotainment duties. Standard features include an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, in-dash navigation, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. All GLS versions come standard with a 13-speaker Burmester Surround Sound stereo, but if that’s not enough for you, a Burmester 3D audio system with an absurd 26-speaker configuration is also available.

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Price

We value cost as one of the factors the most. With a starting price of $78,000, the GLS-Class is the pricier side of the Mercedes-Benz lineup. But you will surely get value for your money.

The car comes packed with a touchscreen, a sunroof, and two-zone automatic climate control, just a few of the many standard goodies that come with it. The trim levels’ costs are as follows:

  • 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS450: $102,000
  • 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS580: $131,900.

In Nigeria, this 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class is already available for sale in most showrooms within Lagos and Abuja with a starting price of 80 million to 87 million naira

Buying Guide 

When it comes to buying a Mercedes-Benz, it will boil down to cost. The GLS is very pricey, so you would have to keep in mind maintenance costs if you wish to buy.

It is also very important you check the online reviews and ratings of these cars, the GLS is one known to depreciate very quickly. It is not one for retain, it’s dependability especially if you keep on driving it through untarred roads. Maintenance is a must. 

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Specifications

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Specifications
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Specifications
Specifications2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class
Engine Type    Mild hybrid
Transmission9-speed shiftable automatic
Drive Type    All wheel drive
Cylinders    Inline 6
Total Seating    7
EPA city/highway MPG    18/24 MPG
Price in Nigeria80 million to 87 million naira

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mercedes-Benz GLS a good car to buy in Nigeria?

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is an excellent SUV. It has a number of potent powertrain options and achieves respectable fuel economy ratings for its size. Additionally, this Benz has a ton of technological and safety features. The entertainment system is the one true drawback, as it is less user-friendly than those in the majority of premium large SUV competitors.

Should I buy a GLS Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria?

The GLS deserves your consideration without a doubt. Although there are more affordable luxury large SUVs available, this Mercedes is among the most opulent in the market, and its starting price is comparable to the average for the class.

Where can I buy a good Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria?

You can buy your brand new and second-hand Mercedes Benz Series car at We are one of the largest automotive marketplaces in Nigeria. Our website hosts a wide selection of cars available for sale. If you have more inquiries regarding our services, you can reach us via our other platforms.


Based on reviews, the GLS-CLASS has been praised for its comfortable interior with plenty of space for all three rows and a smooth inline-six engine. However, it has been critiqued for its unattractive exterior style, clumsy infotainment touchpad controller, and unreasonably pricey best options. The GLS class is the king of comfort and offers a surprisingly engaging driving experience, especially for a big SUV.

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