With a completely new design, sophisticated materials, and three exciting powertrain choices, the 2018 Honda Accord is here. The legendary accord has been totally redesigned inside and out, featuring an upscale look that makes you want to hop inside. 

The all new 2018 Honda Accord is the most technologically advanced Accord ever built, featuring next-level intelligence and premium features you just have to experience. It comes with three advanced powertrains including all new 1.5 litre and 2.0 litre turbocharged engines and a next-generation two-motor hybrid system. 

2018 Honda Accord back view

Every change that Honda makes to the Accord is scrutinized, analyzed, and to a large extent, influences every one of its competitors. And when a completely redesigned version is introduced, well, the attention is even more intense.

Lately, though, every midsize sedan has been losing the popularity contest to crossovers and SUVs. For 2018, Honda is nevertheless introducing the ninth-generation Accord, which is redesigned in every way, inside and out, to meet the needs of the modern family.

In terms of sentiments as regards vehicle ownership, Accord buyers align well with midsize car segment averages. Obviously, they are less inclined to prefer buying a car from a domestic company (37% vs. 48%). Beyond that, quality of workmanship (54% vs. 50%) and reliability (72% vs. 66%) are stronger Accord purchase drivers than they are for the segment. Accord buyers are also more likely to agree that they will pay more for an environmentally friendly vehicle (61% vs. 57%).

Buyers say their favourite things about the previous Accord were

1. The exterior styling
2. Visibility and safety
3. Interior design
4. Engine/transmission.
5. Driving dynamics.

Honda Accord users indicate their least favorite things about the previous Accord were

1. The seats
2. Storage and space
3. Climate system
4. Fuel economy
5. Infotainment system.

2018Honda Accord Price

2018 Honda Accord in Nigeria

First, here are the fair market prices for Honda Accord 2018, within this range you can get a used car in good condition:

  • Foreign used (tokunbo) Honda Accord 2018 prices in Nigeria: ₦8,000,000 – ₦14,500,000
  • Nigerian used Honda Accord 2018 prices in Nigeria: ₦7,000,000 – ₦11,000,000

2018Honda AccordInterior

2018 Honda Accord Interior

The Honda Accord makes the best use of its shape by maximizing the interior room. Although the sedan has a longer wheelbase that’s also wider and lower to the ground, the overall length bumper-to-bumper is down 2 inches from last year’s model. The 2018 Accord seats up to five people in two rows. Every seat is cushy and supportive, and there’s plenty of space to stretch out in both the front and back seats. There’s abundant legroom in the back row.

Climate Control System

Every 2018 Honda Accord comes with a dual-zone automatic climate control system, and its 3-knob setup is instantly familiar and intuitive. The buttons surrounding the knobs are well marked, and the system works quickly to get the cabin to your desired temperature. At night, Honda has added a subtle visual treat when you increase or decrease the temperature. A ring around the temperature adjustment knob will glow red or blue momentarily, depending on whether you’re adding heat or cooling.

All in all, this new design represents a vast improvement over the previous Accord’s setup, which employed a gaggle of similarly sized buttons arranged in a lateral row.

Storage and Space

Measuring 16.7 cu. ft., the new Accord features the largest trunk of any midsize sedan currently on the market. And while its gooseneck hinges and lack of a trunk handle for closing it without dirtying your hands might cause some concern, being able to carry a whole bunch of your belongings will get you into a forgiving mood.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find lots of bins and places to store your belongings, most of them lined with material to keep things from jangling during the ride. The centre console bin is a good size, as is the glove box and the covered bin at the bottom of the centre stack is much appreciated.


The new Accord no longer offers a V-6 engine option. However, Honda’s turbocharged 2.0-liter mill literally has the power to make me a convert.

Providing enough oomph to chirp the front tires every time, the turbo four smoothly and spiritedly accelerates the Accord to highway speeds. Its 252 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque is distributed evenly throughout the rev range so that there are no holes or lag, and the 10-speed automatic transmission correctly and crisply shifts every time it’s called for.

I’m no fan of the Accord’s new push-button transmission, however, although the downshift rev-matching feature in the Sport driving mode is a nice nod to driving enthusiasts.

Fuel Economy

The EPA says that the Accord 2.0T should return about 26 mpg in mixed driving conditions. I got 24.5 mpg on my test loop, which falls a bit lower than expectations.

Still, this represents a vast improvement over the 2017 model’s combined 21-mpg average for the V-6 engine. And because the new Accord is just as speedy, owners should be very happy with the turbo 2.0-liter’s performance.

Driving Dynamics

The Honda Accord has historically earned accolades from driving enthusiasts for being as enjoyable to drive as it is to ride in. While the new Accord is relaxed and refined to ride in around town and remains among the more composed midsize sedans when the road turns twisty, it felt a little more disconnected and floaty than I remember of previous Accords. It is difficult to tell if this sensation is due to the new adaptive-damping suspension, which is exclusive to and standard on Touring trim, but the 2018 Accord didn’t feel as planted as last year’s model. And since this is the only 2018 Accord I’ve driven, it remains to be seen if I might feel differently about a trim that doesn’t have the adaptive suspension.

The Honda Accord steering is well-weighted and responsive, and the brakes are excellent.


Here is what I think:  Honda Accord 2018 model is a great car for Honda lovers and even for non-Honda lovers because of the great improvement made in this model.

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