2005 Toyota Matrix Price, Review, Performance

Tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2005 Model Price

2005 Toyota Matrix – If 14 years after the first introduction of the 2005 model of Toyota Matrix, it is still being talked about, then it is worth checking out. And considering the fact that the last model of Toyota Matrix to be manufactured was the 2014 model, it shouldn’t be surprising that the 2005 model is still being talked about.

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2005 toyota matrix in nigeria

A lot of Toyota cars are good enough on Nigerian roads but the Matrix model is exceptional. This 2005 model might seem quite old but the wagon still looks good enough to not be considered an old-school car in Nigeria today. Get in a 2005 Matrix model and you would be almost as comfortable as you would be in the latest Toyota cars. Only that you would be missing some of the latest car technologies. But functionality-wise, this car is not to be underestimated.

Furthermore, the practicality of this car makes it perfect as a utility car. The cargo space is enormous, and it can even be further expanded when the rear seats are rolled down. Also, it serves well as a family car.

Toyota Matrix 2005 Review

Let’s review the car up-close and personal, shall we?

There are three trims available for Matrix model; base, XR and XRS. And for each trim, there are two drive options; 2-wheel drive(2WD) and 4-wheel drive(4WD).

Base Matrix and Matrix XR are similar in a number of ways. They both possess 1.8L gas engine with up to 130 horsepower. Their automatic versions have a slightly reduced horsepower of 123 but the same engines. Matrix XRS, however, is the beast among all the trims. It boasts of a massive 180 horsepower on the same 1.8L gas engines.

2005 Toyota Matrix Basic Features

As mentioned earlier, the base Matrix comes in both manual and automatic drives; A 5-speed manual transmission for the manual drive and both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive for the automatic drive. Of course, you will find an AM/FM radio with a CD player in all of the trim versions. Air conditioning is also a standard among them. The base Matrix and Matrix XR are mostly similar. The XRS however, has some different features.

One of the defining features of the Matrix XRS is its 6-speed manual transmission. Other features include a JBL audio system, anti-lock brakes and 16″ alloy wheels.

2005 Toyota Matrix Interior

Tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2005 interior
2005 Toyota Matrix Interior

Like many other Toyota cars that you find around, the Matrix models have spacious cockpits. There are four different gauges that are seated in pods behind the steering wheel. The radio and CD player are combined and placed on a beautifully designed dashboard. You could power some gadgets with the 115 volt and 12 volt power outlets on the dashboard.

Behind the rear seats is an enormous boot. Without folding down the rear seats, you have about 15 cubic feet of space to yourself. But at the press of a button, you can easily fold down the rear seats and a massive 53 cubic foot of space would be ready for your use. The hard ribbed plastic of the boot floor offers strength to hold your cargo while being easy to clean.

Also on the floor of the boot, you will find four moveable hooks that you can use to tie down your cargo to keep it from sliding around while driving.

When it comes to the spaciousness of the interior, there is no compromise. The roof of the car is high enough to conveniently contain tall persons. The windows, however, kind of look small in an interior that is as spacious as the car’s.

2005 Toyota Matrix Performance

It might not really look like it but the Matrix model is a really strong car. After it consumes a maximum of 13.2 gallons of fuel, it hits the road and keeps going for a really long time before needing more fuel. Its fuel economy feature makes it a perfect car for the average Nigerian.

The power brakes are also impressive parts of the car. They are sharp and smooth. The tyres have a strong grip and the car itself has a high enough center of gravity that prevents it from tilting to the side at sharp turns.

The 130 horsepower engine of the base Matrix and Matrix XR models is great for cruising around within the city and on the highway. If you want some extra power, however, you could opt for the 180 horsepower of the XRS model.

2005 Toyota Matrix Safety

The car has sharp sensors that are ready to deploy airbags at high impact. Also, the rear doors have automatic locks that help ensure the safety of kids.

2005 Toyota Matrix Prices

A well used tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2005 model would sell within a range of N1,500,000 and N2,500,000. Since the Matrix model was discontinued in 2014, getting a brand new one would prove to be an extra tough task.

A Nigerian used Toyota Matrix 2005 model would sell for as low as N970,000 and could go as high as N1,800,000.

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