Electric Vehicles in Nigeria 2023

Electric Vehicles in Nigeria 2023

Electric Vehicle - The future of Mobility

Do you know the electric cars available in Nigeria? Are you even aware of their prices? These questions and others you may have will be answered in this article, Although it is still a rare sighting, the electric vehicle is expected to become more common in the next few years due to the new regulations regarding emission-free vehicles. An electric vehicle is a type of mobility that uses an electronic motor and a battery to drive itself. Examples of electric cars include cars, motorbikes, and personal mobility vehicles such as bicycles and electric scooters. The use of electric vehicles is considered the best way to address the transportation needs of people in large cities and lower pollution levels. Due to their low emissions and ease of use, various types of electric mobility products are commonly seen in rural areas.

Lower cost of ownership

Using electric vehicles means no need to buy gasoline anymore. There is no need to rely on fuel that fluctuates in price more expensively. Tax (if any) is cheaper than conventional vehicles.

Maintenance Maintenance

Electric vehicles are driven by electric motors (Dinamo). In addition, without the need to use spark plugs, radiators, or transmissions that all need to be treated periodically. So the cost of treatment is cheaper and simpler.

Better for the Environment Better for the Environment

Electric vehicles do not produce gas emission which is very environmentally friendly. People who are standing around will not inhale the toxic gases of carbon dioxide. Air pollution can also be reduced.


Key Components In Electric Vehicles


Battery is the main energy source in electric vehicles. To recharge it can be through a house electricity or a special recharge station. Types of batteries used are: Lithium-ion, Lead Acid and Nickel Metal Hydride.

Electric Motor

This is the one that tasked with transmitting power to wheels. The resulting outputs also vary according to the specifications that the manufacturer wants to achieve. The best thing about electric motor is always capable of generating large torque without being affected by engine rotation. Hence the average electric car has a pull that exceeds conventional cars.


Charging electric cars is the same as charging the Smartphone battery. It takes a special adaptor to connect with a power source. The tool is available as one package when buying an electric car, or sold separately.

List of Avalaibale Electric Cars in Nigeria

  • Chevrolet Volt
  • Hyundai Kona
  • BMW I3
  • Honda Clarity
  • Tesla S Model
  • Kia Soul Ev

Why Switch To Electric Vehicles?


If there are many who turn to the means of power-driven mobility, the air is increasingly clean from pollution. The impacts are of course to surrounding environment and health. Various diseases commonly caused by pollution is also drastically reduced.

Forget About Fuel

Many spending money can be reduced. From the cost of fuel, the vehicle tax (if any) to the treatment. You can also save more each month. No need to stop by at the refueling station. Charging the battery can be from home, through the use of daily electricity. More practical and not time consuming should queue the contents of gasoline.

Renewable Energy

If it is still dependent on petroleum, it will gradually be exhausted. The switch to electric mobility, the use of indispensable energy sources can be reduced drastically. Oil reserves are always maintained.


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