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Why should Nigerians buy Innoson cars in Nigeria?

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 Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd (IVM) is a local Nigerian car brand founded by Innocent Chukwuma Nwala that is committed to creating and innovating durable and efficient vehicles, catering solely to the African continent. The aim of the IVM is to reduce the increased importation of brand new or used cars from countries on other continents. To this end, this brand has been popularly nicknamed the ‘Pride of African roads.’

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Innoson Motors in a bid to ensure that its primary aim is to ‘reduce the importation of new or used cars into Africa,’ created a financial plan which allows buyers or intending buyers to pay for their cars over a 3-years installment plan. To also create that accommodates this financial plan, Innoson vehicles are relatively cheaper than foreign-made cars. A brand new Innoson saloon car can cost as low as N3.5 million.

Why should Nigerians buy Innoson cars in Nigeria?

It is a popularly known fact that most Nigerians like to patronize foreign brands a lot, and they do not believe that there is high quality in any good or product that is not produced internationally.

But that should not be the case because, in a bid to promote the ‘Buy Nigeria to promote Nigeria’ dream, more Nigerians should be able to comfortably patronize Nigerian brands. More so, buying goods, products, or services from other countries costs more, and also comes with a lot of importation troubles. So, why go through the troubles involved in buying foreign brands and not patronize a Nigerian brand.

Innoson Motors is also widely known for patronizing Nigerians to work for the brand, thereby encouraging employment and creating work opportunities for young people. To support this claim, here are some ways through which Innoson Cars has helped to help Nigerians, and why Nigerians should buy Innoson Motors in Nigeria.

Innoson IVM G40 SUV
Innoson G40
  1. In May 2019, Osuolale Farouq created a brand logo for Innosn Motors and reached out to the brand via Twitter. The logo got a lot of interactions which piqued the interest of the CEO, and a meeting was scheduled. Soon after, the design might be the official brand logo of the brand.
  2. The logo is an inscription of the word ‘IVM’ around an eclipse, in a bird like a form. Like IVM on wings.
  • Also in 2019, Mercy Eke, the winner of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show became an ambassador to Innoson Motors, copping a brand new IVM G40 SUV worth N25 million.
  • On the 15th of October 2010, the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan commissioned the Innoson Motors Operational factory located in Uru Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra state located in the Eastern part of Nigeria.
  • The brand currently has about 7,300 members of staff, including Engineers, painters, welders, and many more, working at the operational facility in Anambra State.
  • IVM originally manufactures up to 70% of its vehicle components and the remaining 30% are imported. This means that more than half of the vehicle components are manufactured locally here in Nigeria; this makes it an authentic Nigerian brand. So why shouldn’t you buy this Nigerian brand, to promote Nigeria
  • There are some advantages Innoson motors has over internationally produced vehicles like:
  • A 3-years warranty for important vehicle parts and after sale services. This means that when you buy a car from Innoson Motors, you are entitled to a 3-years plan that allows you to purchase any important car part that seems to develop a fault after purchasing it, so far it is within the space of 3 years. Also, you are entitled to car servicing from the factory itself within these 3 years.
  • Reduced fuel consumption rate by 15%, which is better than what foreign brands consume.
Innoson G80
Innoson G80
  • This car brand is built for African roads, Nigerian roads especially. It caters to the Nigerian environment and the brand claims to produce cars that can conveniently drive through potholes and rough roads.
  • A 24/7 customer support (online & workshop) service.
  • A lot of popular Nigerian leaders from different parts of Nigeria have patronized Innoson motors in a bid to promote Nigerian made products. Fmr. President Goodluck Jonathan has to himself some Innoson vehicles, Oluwo of Iwo, and many others.
  • Apart from this, Innoson Motors develops specially armoured and secured cars for the Nigerian army, and other countries like Ghana, Mali, and Sierra Leone have also patronised this Nigerian brand.
  • Innoson Motors is a Nigerian brand that has produced over a thousand cars of different models. Their price also ranges from model to model. Adding to their production, they make buses, SUVs, and saloon cars created to fit into any economic desire of the average Nigerian family. To learn more about the different price ranges of Innoson Motors, check this list from Car Mart Ng

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