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The Dangers of Leaving a Car Unused for Extended Periods

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With all the transportation options that we have now, it can be tempting to simply let your trusty little machine sit at home and save on gas, maintenance, and other operating costs. If you tend to leave your car unused, understand that it still requires some much-needed upkeep. As days turn into weeks or months, you may soon find that your car won’t start, the wheels are misaligned, thick and noxious gas comes out of the exhaust, and so on. Below are just five of the issues that you may face when you seldom drive your car.

1. Dead battery

Your car’s batteries get charged every time you turn the engine on. Without the engine, the battery slowly loses its charge. A vehicle that doesn’t run for even a couple of weeks can kill a battery, and once it’s dead, your car will not start. If you must keep your car in storage, make sure to disconnect the terminals. Remove the negative terminal first for your own safety.

2. Deteriorated tires

Your wheels carry the full weight of the car. Left in one stationary position, your tires can soon become deflated, flat, rotten, or warped. While inflating the tires can help, it’s not always safe to drive on tires that sat in the garage for too long. Bubbles may have developed, often not easily visible, that can lead to dangerous tire bursts on the road, especially in hot weather.

3. Moisture can collect

Water has an uncanny way of finding itself in the most unusual spots, such as your gas tank, brake fluid reservoir, cabin corners, etc. Unfortunately, excess moisture in cars can lead to unwanted corrosion. Once a vehicle component is rusted, an entire assembly or system could need replacing, which can easily turn expensive.

4. Rodents can take up residence

The underside of your car can be a cosy, shaded place to be, so it’s not strange to see rats, mice, and maybe even insects find their way under the hood, behind the tires, or even in the exhaust pipe. If they get hungry or curious, your plastic and rubber components could end up getting chewed upon.

5. Faded paint

Not all car owners have a covered garage, and if you have your car parked under the sun day in and day out, you may very well notice your paint finish has turned into a lighter hue. Too much heat can destroy your vehicle’s natural clear coat, increasing the risk of fading and other forms of paint damage.

Cars are meant for driving. When you let a car sit for several weeks or longer, a lot of problems can pop up, and not all of them are repairable or preventable. Instead of leaving your car unused for extended periods, it may be wiser for you to sell it.

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