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Range Rover Sentinel Price, Spec, Armoured Glass, Interior

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Range Rover Sentinel has all the style, refinement, and off-road capability you would expect from a Range Rover. Beneath the surface, there is another side to the story. This is a Range Rover comfortable with the extreme. The Range Rover Sentinel is the first luxury armoured vehicle to be fully engineered by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). The mobile fortress is hand-built at SVO’s Oxford Road facility and provides the highest levels of protection an SUV can offer, It’s an armoured vehicle expertly engineered by our Special Vehicle Operations team to provide safety and security against attacks, Land Rover said.

Range Rover Sentinel
Range Rover Sentinel

It might look just about the same as the regular Range Rover, but look closer and you’ll notice some things are a bit different compared to the standard variant of the British luxury SUV. Take for example the LED lights in the front bumper and behind the grille, although it’s the thickness of the doors that really gives away the model’s true identity. We’re in fact dealing with the Sentinel, the armored version of the big Range Rover, featuring more than one ton (2,204 pounds) of armor plate and glass to protect the occupants from a terrorist attack.

Range Rover Sentinel Armoured Glass

Range Rover Sentinel Armoured Glass
Range Rover Sentinel Armoured Glass

When threats can come from anywhere, it pays to be prepared. That’s why armoured glass, European Standard VPAM BRV 2009 VR8 and PAS 300, is used throughout the Range Rover Sentinel to help protect passengers and driver. Armoured Range Rover Sentinel is engineered by Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) with VR8-level certification confirming ballistic and blast resistance.

Range Rover Sentinel Protection Cell

Designed to meet the stringent whole vehicle standards of VPAM BRV 2009 VR8, PAS 300, and ERV 2010, the fully-certified protection cell helps to keep occupants safe, even in situations of hostility.

Emergency Escape System

In emergencies, occupants can exit Range Rover Sentinel rapidly and securely through the armoured escape panel. Located in the rear luggage compartment, it allows for escapes even if the doors are unusable.

Certified Fragmentation Protection

Range Rover Sentinel is designed to face modern, unconventional forms of attack. This now includes defense against Improvised Explosive Devices, with Range Rover Sentinel tested to STANAG 4569 against a powerful mine positioned to the side of the vehicle and from behind the front wheel.

Based on the standard wheelbase Range Rover Autobiography, Sentinel delivers the supreme comfort associated with the world’s most desirable SUV allied to outstanding occupant protection.

Designed to withstand the most damaging and targeted of threats, including penetration by 7.62mm high-velocity armour piercing incendiary bullets, this exceptional vehicle delivers lateral protection against up to 15kg Trinitrotoluene (TNT) blasts and defence against DM51 grenade explosions from both beneath the floor and above the roof.

Range Rover Sentinel price in Nigeria

It’s unclear how much the 2020 Range Rover Sentinel costs but the previous version had a list price of ₦230 million.

Range Rover Sentinel Specifications

MAKE:Land Rover
MODEL:Range Rover
TRANSMISSION:8-Speed Automatic
ENGINE:5.0L Gasoline V8
HORSEPOWER:518hp @ 6000-6500
DIMENSIONS (MM):5000 x 2220 x 1869

Range Rover Sentinel Interior

Inside, Range Rover Sentinel features the same levels of refinement found on the exclusive Range Rover Autobiography. This includes fine leathers, rich veneers and solid aluminium fixtures, creating one of the most luxurious interiors of any Range Rover.

Range Rover Sentinel interior
Range Rover Sentinel interior

Indeed, on an everyday journey, Range Rover Sentinel would appear to be nothing more than the elegant and sophisticated luxury vehicle from which it is derived.

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