Ifesinachi Transport Price List, Terminals Locations, Online Booking and Contacts

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Road travel made easy!

Ifesinachi Transport Company was founded by James Ogbonnaya Mamah in 1965. He started the then small business by helping people to transport goods with a truck. Today, this same company that started like it had no future in the transport business now has over 500 Toyota Hiace Buses, 200 luxurious buses, and more than 3,500 workers.

Ifesinachi Transport
Ifesinachi Transport

It has been some 26 years of steady progress! Ifesinachi Transport Company is majorly known for transporting people and goods in the Eastern states and from Lagos to Abuja.

Some Benefits Attached to Using Ifesinachi Transport Company

  • Fully air-conditioned buses
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 100% comfort all through your journey
  • Different power outlets in the buses.
  • Excellent seats that prevent unnecessary body contacts
  • Ticket validity is 7 days so, perhaps you miss your bus, you can still join another with the next 7 days.

The core values of the company work at ensuring the affordability, accessibility and sustainability of excellent road travels for clients.

Important Details about Ifesinachi Transport

Check-in ends one hour before take-off time, and take-off time would not be extended for customers who come late. Hence, it is important to get to your take-off point early enough to avoid missing your bus. If you intend to travel down to Abuja from Lagos or even to the east with any of Ifesinachi Transport Company’s buses, take note of this; Ifesinachi buses often take off in the morning, mostly between 6 am and 12 pm. You can also join them in the evening at 6 pm.

The maximum weight of luggage allowed in is 10kg which must be medium sized. Anything beyond this would require the passenger to pay for one more seat to accommodate the luggage. Instead of paying extra, he/she can get the luggage sent via a sister company – Ifex Express Logistics.

The essence of all these conditions is to make sure every passenger is to avoid congestion and make sure that all the customers are comfortable. Ifesinachi Transport Company cares a lot about children, and for this reason, a 30% discount is given when customers make reservations for their children either online or at the office. The discount for children applies for children between the age range of 2 and 10 alone, and an ID must be rendered for verification.

Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking

Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking
Ifesinachi Transport Online Booking

Booking a ticket at Ifesinachi Transport Company is completely stress-free. You can just visit their website to book a ticket while taking a cup of tea in your living room.

Vehicles Available at Ifesinachi Transport

  • Hummer buses
  • Luxurious buses

Ifesinachi Transport Terminals and respective Contact Numbers

The company operates on a high standard so, you cannot just hop into their buses at any location. There are specific locations for take-off and offload. These locations are called “Terminals” and they are strategically placed in different cities of different states in Nigeria.

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Go through the terminals below and find the nearest to you. Phone numbers to contact for each terminal has also been included to allow easy access.

Abakaliki6, Ogoja Road, Abakaliki08060441985
Ibadan73, Oyo Road, Beside Grandstan Hotel, Mokola, Ibadan08070591899
Aba15, Milverton Road, Aba, Abia08070591854
Port Harcourt114 Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt08036366698
Owerri14, Douglas Road, Owerri08070591860
JosT1, Jubilee Kenya, Jos08070591866
Utako22E, Ekukianam, Utako District, Abuja08034932041
Upper IwekaUpper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra08065704980
Makurdi90, Gboko Road, Wurukum Roundabout, Abakaliki08134004195
Jibowu2/4, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos08070591876 08070591875 08070591887
Enugu2, Okpala Avenue, Enugu08034534051

Different Routes Taken By Ifesinachi Transport Company and Price List

The normal prices against each route have been put together below. However, these prices are subject to change from time to time.

From Jibowu Terminal to:

  • Port Harcourt – ₦7,000
  • Abuja – ₦6,050
  • Enugu – ₦4,000/₦5,000
  • From Utako Terminal to:
  • Lagos – ₦6,050

On average, a bus trip with any Ifesinachi bus costs a little over ₦4,200 and lesser than ₦8,000.

Other Services by Ifesinachi Transport Company

  • Courier Services

Ifesinachi Transport Company has a subsidiary company named “Ifex Express Limited”. A company entirely dedicated to rendering optimal courier services in every part of Nigeria. The haulage infrastructure of the company is superb, and this makes the company highly efficient in carrying out assigned tasks when hired. Light or heavy your goods will be delivered ‘in one piece. Their service is not only reliable but affordable as well.

  • Hotel Derives

Ifesinachi Transport Company also renders one of the best hotel services in Nigeria. You will find Grace Manor Hotels in different cities of Nigeria. Step into one today, and experience the most excellent hotel service.

To help you decide on choosing Ifesinachi Transport service, check out these reviews

“Ifesinachi makes your travelling experience a very easy and affordable one. Great to be there, enjoy” – Anonymous

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