How To Register and Become Bolt Or Uber Driver In Nigeria: Vehicle Requirements

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Bolt and Uber are ride-hailing services providing companies that have revolutionized the transport business in Nigeria. These two are arguably the best in providing comfortable rides to customers in classic cars. Right from the comfort of your home, you can book a ride with either Uber or Bolt just by using their app on your smartphone.

Uber, as a technology-driven taxi company, does not own any vehicle of its own, rather it provides a platform that seamlessly connects drivers to riders at pocket-friendly prices. This is where a partnership with Uber comes in. This partnership is in three forms:

  • -You register as a driver who doesn’t own a car.
  • -You register as a driver with your own car to ride
  • -You register your car or fleet of cars for use by other drivers with Uber.

Through this partnership, Uber has opened the opportunity to earn money for various Nigerians. Like Uber, Bolt also offers the opportunity to become a driving partner in which you earn weekly.

Advantages Of Becoming a Driving Partner With Bolt And Uber

An extra source of income:

Even if you own a 9-5 pm job, you could still apply to be a driving partner as this will be an extra income source for you. The average monthly net earning of Bolt and Uber taxi drivers is about 400,000 NGN.


You can also adjust working hours to fit when you are free and available to take orders for a ride. There is no fixed working time or close time

No extra charges

Becoming a Bolt or Uber driver is easy and simple, there are no monthly fees or daily deposits. You only pay commission when you earn, and you get to own the larger percent.

Anyone can partner

Both males and females can register to become partners with Bolt and Uber. However, your vehicle needs to meet the minimum requirements for Uber.

Vehicle Requirements For Bolt

Bolt Vs Uber, Which Is Better For Drivers And Riders
Bolt Vs Uber, Which Is Better For Drivers And Riders

Bolt won’t just accept any vehicle to be used for ride-hailing, as they take pride in customers’ satisfaction, comfort, and safety. For your vehicle to be accepted by Bolt, ensure it meets this vehicle requirement:

Generally, your vehicle should be a 4-door sedan or SUV from 2003 & Minivans from 2004. Also, the vehicle must be fully functional and fitted with AC. More details on vehicle requirements are provided below:

Accepted vehicles for Lite (Lagos only)

  1. The model year is between 2002 and 2004
  2. Your vehicle is a 4-door sedan or SUV
  3. Your vehicle is in good condition
  4. Your vehicle can seat at least 4 passengers

Accepted vehicles for Bolt

  • Your vehicle is no older than 14 years
  • Your vehicle is a 4-door sedan or SUV
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 4 passengers

 Accepted vehicles for Comfort (Abuja only)

  • Your vehicle is no older than 10 years
  • Your vehicle is a 4-door sedan or SUV
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 4 passengers

Accepted vehicles for XL (Lagos only)

  • Your vehicle is no older than 15 years
  • Your vehicle is an SUV or mini-van
  • Your vehicle is in good condition
  • Your vehicle can seat at least 6 passengers

Vehicle Requirements For Uber

The requirement for Uber is very similar to that of Bolt. The acceptable car for an Uber ride must meet the following requirements:

  • Not older than the 2000 model year
  • Is a 4-door sedan
  • In good working condition and aesthetic condition
  • Able to carry at least 4 passengers
  • Has functional windows, air conditioning, and a radio

Cars Not Accepted By Uber And Bolt In Nigeria

If your car is in any of these states, it will not. E accepted for use by both Bolt and Uber

  • 2-door cars are not accepted
  • Full-size trucks or vans
  • Taxies, government-owned vehicles, and other marked vehicles can’t be used for Uber and Bolt business
  • Salvaged, accidented or rebuilt vehicles will be rejected.

The best cars for use for taxi rides are generally cars with good fuel economy. It’s wise to reduce your expenses on fuel to the barest minimum as a driver. If you spend too much on fuel in Nigeria, your net income at the end of the week/month will significantly drop. The next thing to look out for in cars for Uber and Bolt business is that the car must be easy and affordable to maintain.

These cars are recommended for Bolt and Uber business as they fit the above criteria;

  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Element
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Hyundai Tucson
  • Kia Rio
Best Cars To Use For Uber and Bolt (Taxify) Business in Nigeria
Best Cars To Use For Uber and Bolt (Taxify) Business in Nigeria

How To Get Your New Vehicle Registered With Bolt And Uber

Now that your vehicle meets the requirements, the next important step is to get your vehicle registered with Bolt and Uber. Here is how to do so:

  • Get your vehicle inspected by the inspection centers recognized by Uber and Bolt.
  • Upload a valid Vehicle license
  • Upload your Insurance certificate
  • Upload Proof of ownership
  • Upload a Certificate of road-worthiness
  • Upload Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Tint permit if your windows are tinted
  • The following are additional documents for Lagos: State Hackney Permit and a vehicle body tag for all routes

Requirements To Become A Bolt And/Or Uber Driver

  • -Have a valid driving license in Nigeria
  • -Be 21 years old or older
  • -Attend driver’s training offered by Bolt and Uber to learn how to offer quality ride-hailing service as well as navigate the app.

Uber Nigeria Contacts

  • Lagos Address: Retail unit no. 5. Second upper floor, Maryland Mall, 350/360 Ikorodu Road
  • Working hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 4pm
  • Friday: 9am – 3pm
  • Abuja Address: Top Floor, Jabi Lake Mall, Bala Sokoto Way, Abuja
  • Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm
  • Friday: 9am – 3pm


Bolt Nigeria Contact

  • Lagos address: Plot 118, Block 25 Salem St, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki
  • Office hours: Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 3pm


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