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I Go Dye (Francis Agoda) Biography, Cars, House, Awards And Net Worth

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I go dye is a popular comedian in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Although he didn’t start out as one, he has grown to become one of the sought-after comedians who have had the opportunity of performing in some of the highest places in Nigeria.

I Go Dye Cars & Net Worth
I Go Dye Cars & Net Worth
Real nameFrancis Agoda
Date of birth4 April 1979
Country of OriginFederal Republic of Nigeria
NicknameI Go Dye
Source of WealthComedian, Businessman
EducationIghogbadu Primary School, Warri, Nigeria; College of Commerce, Warri, Nigeria
WifeStella Agoda
Net worth$3.8 million

In this article, we share some of the interesting bits about him you never knew before now.

I Go Dye Biography

I Go Dye Biography
I Go Dye Biography

Francis Agoda, popularly known as I Go Dye is a famous Nigerian comedian and television host. He was born on the 4th of April 1979 in Abraka, Delta State. He is currently 38 years old.

For his primary education, he attended Ighogbadu Primary School in Warri where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate. After his primary school education, I Go Dye proceeded to the College of Commerce in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria and obtained his West African Senior School Certificate.

I Go Dye Cars & Net Worth
I Go Dye – Francis Agoda

In secondary school, he always had creative interests, being the zonal project manager of the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS Club) where he invented a helicopter, a hovercraft ship, a radio transmitter and a battery table fan which earned him a scholarship to study structural engineering at a university in New York in the United States of America which he declined.

early age of I Go Dye - Francis Agoda
early age of I Go Dye – Francis Agoda

Religiously, he was consistent in developing his comedic artistry at a time when the business of comedy was not fashionable as a career. I Go Dye persisted in his pursuit of comedy until he was invited to join the Press Literary Art Drama Debating Society (PLADDS). After which he became its Programme Director. 

I Go Dye Career

I Go Dye Career
I Go Dye Career

Having religiously developed and enhanced his comedic artistry, I Go Dye went on to participate and perform in several events although mostly small scale.

After a series of top-flight performances presenting mock news on the local television station, Bendel Broadcasting Service, I Go Dye with the help of this friend, I Go Save, was able to use the platform as a medium to address social issues.

I Go Dye later received a contract to perform in the first comedy club in Nigeria, the Prest Motel in Benin City, where he was paid one thousand naira per show.

His performance gained him widespread popularity on media stations in Nigeria. On one occasion when he was performing at the University of Benin in Edo State, I Go Dye met popular comedian and actor Baba Kome who introduced him to Opa Williams, the organizer of Night of a Thousand Laughs.

I Go Dye
I Go Dye

In 2000, I Go Dye’s profile expanded tremendously when Azuh Arinze of National Encomium Magazine gave him an opportunity to perform at the Pre-Reel Awards in Lagos.

Opa Williams attended the Pre-Reel Awards and was impressed by the I Go Dye performance. He immediately interviewed I Go Dye and signed him to perform in the forthcoming Night of a Thousand Laughs in Lagos.

After his success in Night of a Thousand Laugh, I Go Dye was invited to perform at the REEL Awards. After this, he was also invited to perform at the AMEN Awards in Lagos, Nigeria.

After many years of outstanding performance, Opa Williams declared I Go Dye the best and most outstanding comedian in Nigeria that has ever featured on the show.

His performance over the years has earned him a top spot in Nigeria’s comedy industry and placed him on top above other comedians in Nigeria. He has become a sought-after comedian by events promoters in Africa, America, Europe and even Asia.

Some events I Go Dye has performed at include;

  • Event hosted by UNESCO, UNO and ECOWAS
  • Featured at the MTV Africa Music Awards
  • Inivited to perform at concerts by American top musicians including; Akon, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, The Game and Kelly Rowland
I Go Dye after hosting an event at the UN
I Go Dye after hosting an event at the UN

I Go Die Awards

He has also won several awards which include;

  • African Best Comedian.
  • The Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation of Europe-SPAIN Award for his contribution to Nigerian culture and art.
  • The Nigeria Best Comedian Award (NEA AWARD).
  • Delta Role Model Award 2017
  • Nigeria best comedian Award
  • Niddo Spain Award; for his contribution to Nigeria’s Culture and Art.
  • Ukaid and youth alive foundation ambassador Award on #MadACT make a Difference Against Corruption Today; dedicated to Nigeria pensioners
  • Nigeria Army Civil Award with the complement of Chief of Army Staff Lt General TY Buratai
  • United Nations Development Goal Ambassador
  • United Nations World Habitat Ambassador

Currently, he’s the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Ambassador.

I Go Dye Cars 

I Go Dye's cars
I Go Dye’s cars

With how much wealth he has amassed, I Go Dye has used some of that to purchase several exotic cars which he is always spotted with. Some of them are;

  • 2015 Lamborghini Aventador
I Go Dye 2015 Lamborghini Aventador
I Go Dye 2015 Lamborghini Aventador

One of the cars that I Go Dye has been spotted severally with is this 2015 Lamborghini Aventador. Yes, he is one of the Nigerians that own and manage supercars in Nigeria. The cheapest Aventador is still an expensive ride which has a base price of $497,895 upwards.

So what if Lamborghini has made the car a little quicker in a straight line? That’s nothing new. This one, though, goes around a corner, as well, a new concept for V-12 Lamborghinis. On our skidpad, it pulls 1.05 g, which is far from the highest number we’ve ever recorded but still very good. Rather surprisingly, it’s matched by the standard Aventador, a car that doesn’t go around corners nearly as well.

  • Toyota Tundra
I Go Dye Toyota Tundra
I Go Dye Toyota Tundra

Tundra are some of the popular vehicles you’ll find many Nigerians owning. It’s either Ford, Tundra, or Hilux car. The one I Go Dye has been spotted with repeatedly is the Toyota Tundra with a price that starts from 10 – 15 million naira.

  • Range Rover
I Go Dye Range Rovers

Range Rovers are very common amongst the wealthy people in Nigeria. I Go Dye is one of those wealthy people in the country and he has been spotted with a Range Rover several times.

  • Mercedes Benz AMG G63
I Go Dye Mercedes Benz AMG G63
I Go Dye Mercedes Benz AMG G63

Another car you’ll find in the possession of I Go Dye is the Mercedes AMG G63. This car is also popularly owned by many rich people in Nigeria. Currently, buying a G63 will cost from 25 million naira upwards depending on the model and condition of the vehicle.

I Go Dye Mercedes Benz AMG G63
I Go Dye Mercedes Benz AMG G63
  • 2019 Cadillac Escalade
I Go Dye  2019 Cadillac Escalade
I Go Dye 2019 Cadillac Escalade

The 2019 Cadillac Escalade lineup receives minor updates that include a hands-free liftgate with an illuminated Cadillac logo. A pair of new metallic exterior colours (Shadow and Manhattan Noir) will be available later.

Once the de facto king of bling, the 2019 Cadillac Escalade still symbolizes high-class transportation to consumers; however, its luxury reputation is under further consideration. Its hulking chrome shell and Cadillac badge keep up appearances, but its pickup-truck roots and carryover interior parts reveal a choppy ride and superficial quality.

I Go Dye Houses

I Go Dye House
I Go Dye House

I Go Dye also has mansions which are worth millions of naira. This mansion is located in one of the high-rise areas in Lagos State. During the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic, he gave out one of the mansions to the Nigerian government as an isolation centre.

I Go Dye House
I Go Dye House

I Go Dye Net Worth

I Go Dye Net Worth
I Go Dye Net Worth

I Go Dye is one of the richest Nigerian comedians with a net worth of $3.8 million.


I Go Dye is one of the Nigerian comedians who have acquired huge success for themselves. With the help of his comedic career, he has been able to attain certain heights he never imagined he would reach. 

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